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5 Things that make travel successful

Sunny days are back. So are the holidays for kids. No other times comes best like the travel made during summer. The proper plan execution of travel makes it a pleasant one. But, unavailability of resources and improper planning makes the travel a miserable one.
So, in this article let us explore 5 essential things that make our travel a successful one.

Having the right bag for travel makes the travel a pleasant one. It is essential to have a bag that is able to accommodate all the essential things with different compact compartments. Also, the bag must be easy to carry. The portable roll-up bag from Rolo enables you to get all these features. Use Amazon coupon code to avail discount and get up to 80% off on this product.

Rolo bag features

  • Color: Black
  • Bag Material: Nylon
  • High-quality weaving makes it a perfect bag for travel. The very hard fabric used.
  • This bag is an imported one
  • Compatibility: Place your shirts, pants, and others inside. Then roll-up to compress everything down
  • Sturdy metal hanging hook used for close
  • Dimensions: 17-inches x 1.25-inches x 4-inches
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs
  • Can accommodate 4 days of clothing
  • Military grade pockets used
  • Elite quality patented buckles
  • Fits perfectly into the air overhead bin
  • Carrying strap included
  • Price: ₹2600 with 15% off Amazon India promo code


Frequent travel drains the charge on our gadgets. We will be forced to face big ordeal if the digital devices run out of charge. We will be moving from one station to another station. A uniformity between any of the station is that electrical socket will be prevalent. To make the best use of the socket, we need to have an adapter that can help us charge many devices. That’s what Elove wall charger and the adapter does it for you. This product is available on Amazon at Rs.299/- only.

Elove Charger Adapter Description

  • Port: Dual USB port. You can charge two gadgets with just one electrical socket.
  • Output: Charging single device gives 2.1 Ampere output. Charging two devices gives you 1.1 Ampere x 1.0 Ampere = 2.1 Ampere
  • Build: Built with high-quality FR grade material.
  • Shock resistant
  • Spark resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • India’s smallest charging adapter with 2.1 Ampere
  • Uses quick charge technology. Automatically transmits optimal current depending on the device
  • Weight: 59 grams. Hence, lightweight and easily portable
  • Color light indicators to indicate whether the phone is charging or not
  • Compatible with all smartphones and tablets
  • Price: ₹299 with 70%


The Dutch brand Philips is stood affront in the electronics equipment categories. The Philips cordless trimmer gives you a comfortable trimming experience during travel. Let us take a look at the features of the trimmer.

Philips Cordless trimmer description

  • Dura-Power Technology: You will be able to use this without power for 45 minutes post 10 hours of charging.
  • Fitted with self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  • Does trimming by being friendly with the skin
  • Lock settings: 10 lock settings are available. Can be trimmed from 1mm to 10 mm.
  • The trimmer comes with a 2-years worldwide guarantee
  • You can detach the trimmer and easily clean
  • Price: With 12% discount from the Amazon India Promo code the price of the product falls to ₹1299


Travel time takes a toll on energy. In order to have a pleasant travel experience, you can choose to listen to songs that will soothe your travel. So, the headphones also find a place in the list of items essential for travel. The Japanese Sony Corporation has always produced high-quality products wherever it has made its presence. Let us take a look at the best quality wireless headphones that give you an amazing travel experience. Check out the ongoing sale on Amazon to avail the discount on your shopping.

Sony Noise Cancelling headphone details

  • Colors available: Black and Gold
  • Digital noise cancellation inbuilt on the device that lets you listen to music without any distractions
  • Quick Attention mode: You can have conversations without taking your headphones off.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android Phones
  • Touch sensors available that lets you play, skip tracks or control volume by simple touch gestures.
  • Intelligent noise cancellation optimizer that adjusts according to the environment
  • Gives you battery life up to 30 hours. Uses Lithium-ion Battery
  • Gives you Audio5 high-quality audio output with DSEE HX, SMaster HX, LDAC and apt HD.
  • Weight: 277 grams
  • Connectivity Type: Bluetooth
  • Price: ₹28,991 with 6% Amazon India Promo Code.


To save our belonging during travel, it is very important to have our belongings locked. Use the multi-color lock set to protect your belongings. The Royals gives you four lock set in multi-color. Let us take a look at the locksets’ feature.

Features of Royal Multi-Color Lock

  • Build: The locks are made up of brass. Chrome plating is done.
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 4 padlocks in the package
  • Weight: 59 grams
  • Price: With Amazon India Promo code for 49% the product’s price comes to ₹299

[This is a Guest post contribution by Vaishali Agawarwal. The views expressed here are of the guest writer and not by ReveringThoughts]

Ramzaan memories

Delicately chewing a couple of khajoors as I opened the door onto my balcony, the clearest Bangalore sky and cotton-like floating clouds greeted me with a salaam.

As my bare feet touch the cold floor, and the chill hits me, there’s a sense of calm. While I wait for the Azaan to stop eating, I convince myself that it’s not that cold and rest my bums on the stairs.

My earliest memories of a sehri are contrastingly differing to the one I’m about to finish. The cold December and the difficulty of getting out from the razai were its trademark. Not to forget the variety of sheermaals from Bhaarat Bakery and the occasional firni from Calkatiya hotel. And of course, forcefully drinking glasses of water to be ready for the next day.

Somewhere from sharing the same jaanemaaz with Ammi to needing our own, we all grew up.

As kids fasting in the holy month, we all were our family rockstars. An elaborate Iftaar awaited at the dusk for us. With special farmaishes. Skull capped kids all around the colony heading towards the mosque like it’s a celebration.

Before I fasted for the first time, the idea of fast meant, ‘Eating Iftaar’. I remember people laughing when this revelation was out in the open.

Ammi’s occasional ‘wont-wake-you-up-for-sehri’ if we didn’t listen to her, scared us. Afraid of missing out on a Roza was an effective scare tactic. After all, counting on who kept the most number of fasts was quite a thing as kids in our colony.

Motivators aside, Ramzan meant something special. Sehris, Roza and Iftar. All part of memories and not possible to recreate.

As I reminisce more, the Azaan breaks through the breeze. It is still dark but there’s a charm in reliving those memories. And yes, the morning Azaan helps.

The 100th Post of 2017: Feedback and the way forward

The light drizzle and the soft blowing wind. The thunder cancels out the traffic while the coffee brewing on the side provides the much-needed energy. There cannot be a better setting than this for me to (finally) type down the 100th Post for this year. (Yay!)

The intent was to make this post extra special and write a meaningful post describing the 100-post journey. A big ask.

I’m not being humble here but it is extremely difficult to play matchmaking for intent and output. They are literally never on the same page. Even if, in my head, the intent was always to write a piece that specifically touches people’s thoughts and provides meaning to help grow a discussion. The response, often, tends to be bleak.

Not complaining. There’s a ton of good content out there and it is difficult to stand out.

On the other hand, posts written as an after-thought of a far-fetched reverie tend to garner a few heartfelt responses in return. Feels good? Hell, Yeah!

But figuring out ‘what works’ and ‘what doesn’t’ is an analysis that is bereft of metrics that can lead subsequent action. And, results.

Self-analysis is tricky. One tends to throw themselves at the either end of the yardstick. I cannot, in my best day also, identify myself as a writer. Pretty sure, I’ll tremble to get that word out even if a gun is put on my head.

Hence, I thought of asking the good folks around for their opinion on my writing and of course the blog- My companion extraordinaire!

And Boy! People were kind enough to share their thoughts. All I can say is, I’m grateful!

I’d be happy to return this favour, in any way possible.

To summarise what I’ve learnt at the end of this 100-post experience and rephrasing few of the comments, here’s a 10-point list:

  1. Proofread, at least once, before hitting the publish button.
  2. Grammar Issues: Check for tenses in sentence structuring, Subject-Verb agreement
  3. Don’t be in a rush to finish off posts
  4. Pick a broad range of newer topics and experiment
  5. Readers prefer personalised and positive stories over negatives/rants
  6. Stick to a schedule as readers get used to one
  7. Writing has to be funny, witty and has to have dollops of sarcasm
  8. Writing can be less vague and control over ‘writer’s indulgence’ is required
  9. Focus on the Introduction to get reader’s attention
  10. Continue Writing regularly

I had initially thought of including, word-by-word, feedback from the readers in this post. However, as those were provided to me while conversing on WhatsApp/fb, I thought to add all the feedback without adding any names (for now) and wait to get their permission before I added the names. You might see more of them on this page soon: Click here for Feedback

I’m not sure if you’re still reading this longish post. Although, I can add a few more hundred words to this, but I’d restrain myself.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that perseverance pays off. A friend reminded me to check my writing from a few years back and check myself on how much I’ve improved. And yes, I have.

I still write with the same zeal and flow like years before, and I reckon that’s a good thing. Right?

That flair for writing has remained constant. The road ahead is ambiguous and certainly won’t clear out anytime soon. But baby steps, perhaps?

As always, please comment away your feedback! See you soon!

5 Benefits of Writing on-the-go

Mobile blogging isn’t something totally new.  I don’t usually post blogs directly through mobile but often write content drafts on the phone itself.  Be it the travelogues or movie reviews,  all have their humble origins in this wonderful gadget, which refuses to part ways at any given time.

Sometime in buses,  railway stations or even Uber cabs. With music plugged in,  and no intention of indulging in small talk with anyone, writing on-the-go appears to be one of the most convenient ways to write and utilise time.

Many think one needs to be in the “zone” to write.  Not that I don’t have my own tantrums with it,  but the time crunch and the push to regularly keep the blog alive makes me continue writing in the most unconventional of places.
Recently while travelling in the Delhi Metro,  which are awesome btw, writing was a task.  It gets difficult when people are free enough to peep onto your tiny mobile screens.  Knowing that someone is watching while you write is spooky. Also, makes you conscious about your writing.

5 Benefits of Writing on-the-go:

1) There’s no dearth of Inspiration:  I get inspired from what I see around,  helps bring a sense of structure to writing.  And this is not limited to social issues,  but transcends to fiction and even poetry.  This one time,  I wrote about a day at the station while waiting for a local train back in Bhubaneswar.  It’s one of those piece of writing which I loved writing because it spoke about that moment and was actually written in the midst of the chaos as well. How Poetic ?

So,  apart from letting the window down and letting the air brush your hair,  writing along the distance isn’t such a bad idea.

2) Act on ideas as they come: Most of our Ideas (Including Blog titles) while we are commuting and lost in our reveries. How often have we thought, “Yes, I should totally write a blog on this” or as Barney Stinson (From the TV Series HIMYM) used to say, “This is Totally going into my Blog”. But after a tough day at work, the moment we actually sit to write, that idea might have even diluted itself. Why not give shape to the idea on-the-go ?

3) Reduces Stress and Irritation: Our Urban life involves a lot of travel and using this time to write can even negate the stress and irritation of commute. So, instead of just listening to the radio or that new song which is on loop, why not write a paragraph or two ?

4) Making your phone your work station: Our phones are our world. Especially the one, like me, who are into Digital Marketing, work never stops. We are constantly looking out for new ways to take on the world (Seriously!). Writing on-the-go helps keeping the creative juices flowing.

2) Saves Time: And last, but the most important, Blogging on-the-go helps in saving a lot of time.

If you’re a wordpress user,  having the mobile app helps a great deal in writing on the go posts like this (Yes, the one you just read) much easier.  Even writing while watching episodes of your favourite TV shows is also possible.  After all,  we live in the multi tasking world.  Don’t we?
All I’m saying is,  instead of cribbing “not finding time to wrote” (I know even I’ve done, here, here and here). Best is, to simply start writing.
This post is about to be terminated as my Uber finally reaches office after braving the Bangalore Traffic.
There’s this interesting quote from one of Shahrukh Khan’s interviews,  “The traffic allows to be myself,  gives me time”.  Holds true for a lot of us.
Now,  instead of being worried and tensed about being late,  write it out.  It helps.
P. S. I wrote this post on-the-go and then edited it later.

I follow this practice of “Write when Drunk, Edit when Drunk”. Now, I don’t drink, but do write in moments of anger or outrage and even when I’m on-the-go. But Later, I take time out and update the post. Never forget to do that. 

#TheSonaTentProject: Digital Transformation

I’ve never been involved in our Family business of Tent Decorations, not as much as my father would have liked, unlike my younger brother. It was sort of an accepted fact that I won’t be joining the business.

A business started by my Grandfather in 1981 and which continues to remain part of our Family Identity. Of course, Entrepreneurial instincts have always been there, but the inclination to be part of it, have been missing. I won’t go into the reasons for the same.


However, while being a Digital Junkie and sort of marketer, have this urge to be part of the transformation of the family business into the 3rd Generation. A generation which even I am also a part of.

To carry out this initiative, even sitting 1800 kilometers away in Bangalore, the only contribution I can make is to make the digital Transformation of our business.

For a market like Jamshedpur and the target audience, it is not very late for digital presence. A start can always be made. Sona tent and Decorations is taking the next big plunge. It has been 34 years of being in business and it is time to push for change.

I would of course need support from all of you to kick-start this initiative. A simple “like” on the Facebook page, would be good enough for a start.

[Just hit the like button on our Facebook Page]

Your suggestions on improvements on what do you expect from an Event Planner, or a decorator, would be much appreciated. Anything which you feel would be helpful in a new projection of a decades-old business would be helpful.


Your support will be a valuable addition to this Transformation process.

Thank you.

For Twitter, Heart is the new “Favorite”

Clicked on the Twitter tab, and Woah!! What happened there? Why do I see so many hearts out there?

And then noticed. The “Favorite” button has been replaced with the “Heart” one.

Twitter’s official blog says,

We are changing our star icon for favorites to a heart and we’ll be calling them likes.

You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favorite. The heart, in contrast, is a universal symbol that resonates across languages, cultures, and time zones. The heart is more expressive, enabling you to convey a range of emotions and easily connect with people. And in our tests, we found that people loved it.

The biggest reason might be to make twitter appeal to newcomers as the website is struggling to increase its user base.

“We want to make Twitter easier and more rewarding to use, and we know that at times the star could be confusing, especially to newcomers.”

Sounds Legit. Doesn’t it?

But then change is difficult to adapt. Especially for an audience that had got used to the “Favorite” button.

Here are some of the funny responses to the “outrage” over Twitter and “bring back the favorite”

Jokes and outrage aside, this new update by Twitter is another push towards gaining more foothold into new markets and user bases. Their focus on helping ease the “migration” of users from comparatively popular and easier social networks like Facebook or even Instagram (Incidentally, also belongs to Facebook).

However, I guess Twitter missed the part that for many of the users, the “favorite” button was sort of a bookmarking tool. For many, it was also sort of a conversation full stop. I guess, Twitter thought favorite= likes!

It will take time for people to get used to this new addition. As a Brand one has to appreciate their effort to try experimenting, as a user It’ll take time to get used to it.

To conclude, (This tweet does it better than I can)

Airtel 4G Speed Challenge

So, I stumbled upon the new Airtel advertisement. I know, right? 4G!! As exciting as it was watching the advert, I’m pretty sure the network would also be much better. With the kind of networks that we end up using, the promise of 4G is something to look forward to.

Airtel launched 4G nationally today with a new television commercial:

The challenge for speed is certainly making a big promise. Knowing Airtel and its network capability, it does sound like they are on their game once again.


You would wonder whether 4G prices would be sky-high, right? Considering it is superior than the previous 3G ? Well, you’re in for a treat. They have not only tried to bust a lot of myths with the pricing, but with putting up an open challenge to other networks with it.

The new website of the brand, can be accessed to view the new pricing of 4G. The prices, as you can see, are almost like 3G!!


You’ll be wondering how you can get started, like me. Correct ? Well, all you have to do is, have a 4G device, which I’m sure many of the people reading this would have one. Yes, like others we also might be using the 4G capable device with a 3G network. But finally, it is time to make the change. Change to 4G!! If you have a 4G capable device, you can just request for a sim, and it would be delivered to you at your doorstep, and that too, free of cost. You heard that right. Free of cost. Don’t you already love Airtel ?

So, what are you waiting for? Just order for a sim card and meanwhile, check out their new website till your doorbell rings. Considering the speed of 4G, even their home delivery won’t be late!!

Why Zenfone 2 is on everyone’s wishlist ?

Mobile phones, when you unbox them out of their neat and fine packaging, insert your simcard and use, are those perfect little things which you start loving. They are gadgets which are the dearest to you. Going out of home without them is out of question. With Internet, they are simply your best friends. They are your favourite. But as they age, each of them start developing problems. Either their constant need to alienate themselves from you and develop affinity for the charging point, or constant mood swings where they decide to turn themselves off for no reason or sometimes even hung up on us. They all develop issues after sometime. When you point out their low mAh’s or RAM later, they look at you with disgust, “didn’t you always knew about it? “ You are left speechless!

After managing for a while with guilt of the souring relationship, you already start looking for options. A bit of research around and finally you dump the old one for new. Cheater!! The cycling of betrayal goes on from one phone to another.

Keeping Drama aside, isn’t that we all do with each of our phones? Where does the problem lie in the first place? Speaking from personal experience, the three main reasons why we look are Battery life, RAM and value for money.

Keeping all this in mind, there’s only one phone which fits perfectly, to be termed as my favourite. It is Zenfone 2!!


(Pic Courtesy:


RAM: The biggest highlight of the phone is its 4GB Ram. Probably the first smartphone to come with such a feature. That’s right. Imagine the ease of using multiple applications simultaneously without worrying about anything which might slow the device down? Yes, that is what you’ll get. I mean, for crying out loud, my laptop doesn’t have a 4GB RAM (Reminds me, I have to change that as well)

Looks: Oh the sleek look it has. With around 170gms for a 5.5 inch phone, this phone looks amazing. The first time you’ll take this into your hand, you’ll realize how light it is for a phone of this size.

Value for Money: With a 13 MP rear camera and a 5MP front one, 32 GB Internal storage which is expandable, 4 GB RAM and 3000mAh battery, this phone is a value for money deal. You have it all in this at just Rs 12,999!!

Although there’s more to a phone than just the specs, this phone surely has what it takes to be your favorite one. It surely is mine. Zenfone 2 is something which should be on everyone’s wish list.



It’s exciting to get hints and clues in the form of little packages while you’re in office. When I signed up for this activity I was expecting something similar, but with each passing day, even the expectations were surprising in a good way. I’m using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda


This activity, organized by Blogadda along with another secret brand. The first clue I got was this Card with a clip.


Of course, since the activity was itself titled #SniffSniff, it was something related to smell. What could it be? A refreshing new soap? Deodorant ? Room or a Car freshener ? Numerous thoughts raced my mind. And I wasn’t the only one. Social media was abuzz with #SniffSniff too. While there were others who were part of this activity, there were many confused souls who were kept wondering as to what this whole SniffSniff was about? Not just social media, even my Colleagues at office kept asking me about the little boxes I kept getting.

The second clue was this cute little sack opf coffee beans. Apart from anything else, getting this package itself lent a big grin to my face. For someone who simply loves coffee, its aroma just filled up my desk for the morning, this clue gave further insight into what it was. Maybe a Coffee flavored variant of something like a room freshener?


I commute to office in my bicycle, and hence it was again something which I could relate to, A pollution mask. I had second thoughts on my previous guesses of a room freshener. And might just be a deodorant.


Finally, another package came sniffing its way to my desk. It wasn’t a Soap, it wasn’t a room or car freshener and it wasn’t even a deodorant. It’s a deodorizer. Nivea Men’ fresh protect Body deodorizer!!


How cool is that? It helps prevent body odour for 48 hours and you need not apply it throughout and remain fresh as always.

More than anything loved being part of this activity and I did have a fair idea as to where this #SniffSniff activity was headed, but it is always a great feeling to keep opening packages for new clues.


Edelweiss Tokio Life – MyLife+ : Review

We live in uncertain times, with a lifestyle that keeps a little room for savings. Planning for future gets even more difficult as we progress along, as more responsibilities add onto our shoulders. It is very important to plan early, to make things fall into place even in these uncertain times.

Insurance policies are our best bet to bring some certainty into our lives. But there remains a whole lot of confusion when it comes to choosing the perfect plan. Imagine a situation where you are no more to take care of your family, your loved ones!! Scary, right? Although your presence can never be replaced, but the monetary troubles that might come along, can still be taken care of, if you act now.

A term life Insurance is one such important option, you can safeguard your family’s needs and meet their future financial problems in case something untoward happens to you. You are assured of their well being and you can live your life, without worrying about the future. Of course, it would be great if you could be there with them and live a long life. But what if you are not ? No one can guarantee as to what will happen to you. Remember, we live in uncertain times. Accidents, critical illness, etc are not something which is part of the plan, but simply unavoidable.

From all the options available, Edelweiss Tokio Life – MyLife+ Insurance has been designed to meet these uncertainties. The benefits of a term life are immense.  The Benefits include low-cost term insurance plan, Options to choose death benefits, low premium rates for females, Get cover up to age of 80, avail discounts for large sum and most importantly you also can create a comprehensive plan through riders.



The Edelweiss Tokio Life – MyLife+ plan is a very comprehensive term insurance plan prepared with keeping you in mind. In this age, where we look for everything online, you can avail this plan easily in a few clicks as well. No more hassles to worry about how you’re going to review in detail the fine prints of each and every policy. Edelweiss Tokio Life- MyLife+ is your best choice.

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