Mobile phones, when you unbox them out of their neat and fine packaging, insert your simcard and use, are those perfect little things which you start loving. They are gadgets which are the dearest to you. Going out of home without them is out of question. With Internet, they are simply your best friends. They are your favourite. But as they age, each of them start developing problems. Either their constant need to alienate themselves from you and develop affinity for the charging point, or constant mood swings where they decide to turn themselves off for no reason or sometimes even hung up on us. They all develop issues after sometime. When you point out their low mAh’s or RAM later, they look at you with disgust, “didn’t you always knew about it? “ You are left speechless!

After managing for a while with guilt of the souring relationship, you already start looking for options. A bit of research around and finally you dump the old one for new. Cheater!! The cycling of betrayal goes on from one phone to another.

Keeping Drama aside, isn’t that we all do with each of our phones? Where does the problem lie in the first place? Speaking from personal experience, the three main reasons why we look are Battery life, RAM and value for money.

Keeping all this in mind, there’s only one phone which fits perfectly, to be termed as my favourite. It is Zenfone 2!!


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RAM: The biggest highlight of the phone is its 4GB Ram. Probably the first smartphone to come with such a feature. That’s right. Imagine the ease of using multiple applications simultaneously without worrying about anything which might slow the device down? Yes, that is what you’ll get. I mean, for crying out loud, my laptop doesn’t have a 4GB RAM (Reminds me, I have to change that as well)

Looks: Oh the sleek look it has. With around 170gms for a 5.5 inch phone, this phone looks amazing. The first time you’ll take this into your hand, you’ll realize how light it is for a phone of this size.

Value for Money: With a 13 MP rear camera and a 5MP front one, 32 GB Internal storage which is expandable, 4 GB RAM and 3000mAh battery, this phone is a value for money deal. You have it all in this at just Rs 12,999!!

Although there’s more to a phone than just the specs, this phone surely has what it takes to be your favorite one. It surely is mine. Zenfone 2 is something which should be on everyone’s wish list.