Airtel 4G Speed Challenge

So, I stumbled upon the new Airtel advertisement. I know, right? 4G!! As exciting as it was watching the advert, I’m pretty sure the network would also be much better. With the kind of networks that we end up using, the promise of 4G is something to look forward to.

Airtel launched 4G nationally today with a new television commercial:

The challenge for speed is certainly making a big promise. Knowing Airtel and its network capability, it does sound like they are on their game once again.


You would wonder whether 4G prices would be sky-high, right? Considering it is superior than the previous 3G ? Well, you’re in for a treat. They have not only tried to bust a lot of myths with the pricing, but with putting up an open challenge to other networks with it.

The new website of the brand, can be accessed to view the new pricing of 4G. The prices, as you can see, are almost like 3G!!


You’ll be wondering how you can get started, like me. Correct ? Well, all you have to do is, have a 4G device, which I’m sure many of the people reading this would have one. Yes, like others we also might be using the 4G capable device with a 3G network. But finally, it is time to make the change. Change to 4G!! If you have a 4G capable device, you can just request for a sim, and it would be delivered to you at your doorstep, and that too, free of cost. You heard that right. Free of cost. Don’t you already love Airtel ?

So, what are you waiting for? Just order for a sim card and meanwhile, check out their new website till your doorbell rings. Considering the speed of 4G, even their home delivery won’t be late!!


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