Mobile blogging isn’t something totally new.  I don’t usually post blogs directly through mobile but often write content drafts on the phone itself.  Be it the travelogues or movie reviews,  all have their humble origins in this wonderful gadget, which refuses to part ways at any given time.

Sometime in buses,  railway stations or even Uber cabs. With music plugged in,  and no intention of indulging in small talk with anyone, writing on-the-go appears to be one of the most convenient ways to write and utilise time.

Many think one needs to be in the “zone” to write.  Not that I don’t have my own tantrums with it,  but the time crunch and the push to regularly keep the blog alive makes me continue writing in the most unconventional of places.
Recently while travelling in the Delhi Metro,  which are awesome btw, writing was a task.  It gets difficult when people are free enough to peep onto your tiny mobile screens.  Knowing that someone is watching while you write is spooky. Also, makes you conscious about your writing.

5 Benefits of Writing on-the-go:

1) There’s no dearth of Inspiration:  I get inspired from what I see around,  helps bring a sense of structure to writing.  And this is not limited to social issues,  but transcends to fiction and even poetry.  This one time,  I wrote about a day at the station while waiting for a local train back in Bhubaneswar.  It’s one of those piece of writing which I loved writing because it spoke about that moment and was actually written in the midst of the chaos as well. How Poetic ?

So,  apart from letting the window down and letting the air brush your hair,  writing along the distance isn’t such a bad idea.

2) Act on ideas as they come: Most of our Ideas (Including Blog titles) while we are commuting and lost in our reveries. How often have we thought, “Yes, I should totally write a blog on this” or as Barney Stinson (From the TV Series HIMYM) used to say, “This is Totally going into my Blog”. But after a tough day at work, the moment we actually sit to write, that idea might have even diluted itself. Why not give shape to the idea on-the-go ?

3) Reduces Stress and Irritation: Our Urban life involves a lot of travel and using this time to write can even negate the stress and irritation of commute. So, instead of just listening to the radio or that new song which is on loop, why not write a paragraph or two ?

4) Making your phone your work station: Our phones are our world. Especially the one, like me, who are into Digital Marketing, work never stops. We are constantly looking out for new ways to take on the world (Seriously!). Writing on-the-go helps keeping the creative juices flowing.

2) Saves Time: And last, but the most important, Blogging on-the-go helps in saving a lot of time.

If you’re a wordpress user,  having the mobile app helps a great deal in writing on the go posts like this (Yes, the one you just read) much easier.  Even writing while watching episodes of your favourite TV shows is also possible.  After all,  we live in the multi tasking world.  Don’t we?
All I’m saying is,  instead of cribbing “not finding time to wrote” (I know even I’ve done, here, here and here). Best is, to simply start writing.
This post is about to be terminated as my Uber finally reaches office after braving the Bangalore Traffic.
There’s this interesting quote from one of Shahrukh Khan’s interviews,  “The traffic allows to be myself,  gives me time”.  Holds true for a lot of us.
Now,  instead of being worried and tensed about being late,  write it out.  It helps.
P. S. I wrote this post on-the-go and then edited it later.

I follow this practice of “Write when Drunk, Edit when Drunk”. Now, I don’t drink, but do write in moments of anger or outrage and even when I’m on-the-go. But Later, I take time out and update the post. Never forget to do that.