Isn’t it beautiful that a sense of comfort settles in once you start enjoying your headspace filled with questions? Hear me out if that’s not the case with you.

When dealing with an anxious self, most of our struggle is nested within the confines of questions from what-ifs to how or when. The constant juggling between scenarios (good and bad) throws amidst hairpin bends, which, at first, we all had to agree with but probably regret later. The views cannot always compensate for the tossin-and-turving of the insides. Instagram lies.

But wait, did you imagine the scenario above like a passenger? We all do at first. It always seems like there’s someone else whose decisions determine how the ride will turn out to be.

What if you’re driving yourself through the bends of those mountains with a gorgeous view on the side?

And perhaps that’s the shift we need to embrace. If we owned the room, the room that’s filled with those uncomfortable questions, wouldn’t that make things easier? I’d say, Yes!

Sure, Allah’s the best of planners. But, if anyone else should be responsible for your life’s decisions, shouldn’t it be you?