It’s exciting to get hints and clues in the form of little packages while you’re in office. When I signed up for this activity I was expecting something similar, but with each passing day, even the expectations were surprising in a good way. I’m using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda


This activity, organized by Blogadda along with another secret brand. The first clue I got was this Card with a clip.


Of course, since the activity was itself titled #SniffSniff, it was something related to smell. What could it be? A refreshing new soap? Deodorant ? Room or a Car freshener ? Numerous thoughts raced my mind. And I wasn’t the only one. Social media was abuzz with #SniffSniff too. While there were others who were part of this activity, there were many confused souls who were kept wondering as to what this whole SniffSniff was about? Not just social media, even my Colleagues at office kept asking me about the little boxes I kept getting.

The second clue was this cute little sack opf coffee beans. Apart from anything else, getting this package itself lent a big grin to my face. For someone who simply loves coffee, its aroma just filled up my desk for the morning, this clue gave further insight into what it was. Maybe a Coffee flavored variant of something like a room freshener?


I commute to office in my bicycle, and hence it was again something which I could relate to, A pollution mask. I had second thoughts on my previous guesses of a room freshener. And might just be a deodorant.


Finally, another package came sniffing its way to my desk. It wasn’t a Soap, it wasn’t a room or car freshener and it wasn’t even a deodorant. It’s a deodorizer. Nivea Men’ fresh protect Body deodorizer!!


How cool is that? It helps prevent body odour for 48 hours and you need not apply it throughout and remain fresh as always.

More than anything loved being part of this activity and I did have a fair idea as to where this #SniffSniff activity was headed, but it is always a great feeling to keep opening packages for new clues.