The search of Happiness is a life long pursuit which never allows us to be content.  We strive to achieve it,  build dreams of getting to that goal where we assume we will finally feel happy,  and yet the goal just keeps distancing itself from us.
Forget about materialistic things, which ultimately doesn’t give us the intrinsic happiness with which we associated it to be, even happiness out of things we love end up on most occasions to be a disappointment.
We love to associate happiness with the perfect picture.  The ideal scenario,  where we have it all.  We ensure that we push ourselves into getting that perfection into our lives. Our eagerness to reach the destination is so much that we forget about the journey itself.  In the process,  we even forget our initial goal was happiness.
If you ask people what is their aim,  would you ever hear anyone say,  “happiness”?! I doubt.
The answer would center around goals which were conceptualized to reach happiness,  but ultimately miss the objective and become entirely something else.
Not getting them only makes the situation worse.  We not only forget our actual objective of becoming happy, but centre the entire failure on the materialistic pleasure we put our hopes on.


Yes,  happiness does lie in little moments.  When you travel,  it’s the journey of anticipation that brings happiness.  When you savor a brilliant dish,  it’s the aroma and the delight of having it,  that brings happiness.  When you’re with your family or friends,  moments cheer you up.  But the happiness gets restricted to those moments,  memories of those moments and anticipation of many more of them in future. We do have happy days every now and then.  But can we sustain them for long?
This is the point where you expect me to write a conclusion,  but then this isn’t one of those posts.  This is just a random blabber and a revering thought,  and yes an attempt in search of Happiness.  Have you found it yet?