While Facebook pages never get tired of sharing anti-Pakistan content as cater to a select “audience” which orgasms on content like this. It’s appalling see how even “educated” people share things like these. The only thing this does is, add to the stereotype, bring in more hate and continue to paint a picture far away from reality.

Of course, there’s no point in arguing with idiots, but these idiots help create more of their kind. The obsession of anything to deal with Pakistan, the zeal to see “wide-eyed” sensationalized news and to show glaringly show their Islamophobic feelings, becomes apparent so often.

These are the people who are “the Closet Sanghis”, the Indian Islamophobia affected class.

Iis not amusing to see your timeline filled with status updates which read, “There is a powercut at my place, why isn’t the PM speaking”, “There was a robbery in my neighbourhood, why Isn’t the PM speaking” and many other similar ones. Of course the idea behind this is to mock at all the outrage over how everyone, except the 31%, has been crying relentlessly asking a statement from the Modi.

This is that part of the population, which couldn’t muster up the courage, unlike those BJP leaders who visited Dadri to pacify the mob who lynched a 50-year old man on the rumors of eating beef. They had to keep their voices down and wait for something a little “grey” to put their thoughts out to the world.


(Image courtesy: dnaindia.com)

Meet the group, which is more dangerous to the idea of India than the RSS. At least they are open to what they want to do inĀ India. The closet Sanghi, even though sympathizes with RSS and wants almost the same things like them, but is a little afraid to blurt it out. Perhaps, suffers from the “Log kya kahenge” Syndrome”.

To add to their problems, a list of eminent writers have been returning their Sahitya Academy Awards in response to the communal propaganda of the government. Arguments as silly as, “Why didn’t you returned it in ’84?” or “Why didn’t you do it “in the year when BJP cannot be blamed” ? have surfaced all throughout the Social media. Not just that, one of the writers from Punjab had to face the obnoxiously irritating Sambit Patra on why she didn’t returned the award in ’84 ? All she could reply was, she got the award in 2002.

While Chetan Bhagat seems to be making more sense to the Closet Sanghis now-a-days, the list of authors andpoets across the country continue to add their names to the list of writers who are showing their protest.

Of course, you can question the intention of these writers. You have the right to protest or speak what you feel like. No one can stop you from doing that.

But how come your hypocrisy comes to light when the same is being done the other way round ?

Why cannot the citizens of this country question Modi on not speaking up on important issues ? Now, don’t say that he has “better things to do”. Tweeting “get well soon”wishes and trying to take jibes at political opposition shouldn’t come in that category. Or is that the only thing he is good at ?

I doubt we would have even heard him speak if it was not the Bihar Elections!! His mouth has been programmed to open only when he is at a political rally, giving speeches to NRI’s-cum-taking potshots at Indian political opponents, or giving pre-decided interviews to select news channels. Not ready to face reporters out in the open yet ?

I’m not expecting him to answer anyways. After years of the Horrific 2002 riots in Gujarat, all he could come up with was, “If a puppy comes under you car, you of course feel sad”. No points for guessing that the victims of Gujarat were the puppies.

For Dadri, he wants people not to blow it out of proportion, when all he needed to do was come out and condemn the incident just when it happened. But then, why expect him to Not play to the Sanghi gallery ? Even the Closet Sanghis wanted it.