Finding Passion(s)

There’s only one thing in the world that one should be jealous of: People who have found their one true passion.

I know, I am.

At a blog meet, a few weeks earlier, during one of the high-tea breaks, a couple of us were straying around in the pool area. Alongside, in a bespectacled gentleman in a kurta, puffing away his cigarette, threw a smile at us. As we begin talking about respective blogs and what type of stuff we write about, his advice to us was, ‘Stick to a niche’. Of course, he isn’t the first and he won’t be the last to utter those wise words. Ironically, many-a-times Digital Marketing thought-pieces that I’ve penned down for other websites claim the same. That is the ideal way to go about. Sticking to a niche and gaining authority in the space. Easier to preach, indeed.

Finding our one true passion is like finding that niche for your blog.

One of the usual talk-points, when meeting people, are questions about ‘Why you stopped writing about *this*?’ The ‘this’ varies based on whom I meet. From Movies to Politics, the list varies. I’ve experimented, and continue doing so, about writing about a variety of topics and quite honestly have liked writing about it all. I have thought of ‘finding a niche’ too, but have come full circle as always to be at the exact place. Not that I won’t drive back to this very conundrum, but I now think there isn’t a niche I can stick to.

The thing I’ve loved, since class 3 when my essay was read in front of the entire class, is Writing.

Sure, I love traveling, but I’m not a traveler. I love eating and experimenting with food; finding ‘something new’ but I’m not a foodie. I do like taking photographs but I’m no photographer. And like this, a lot of things are what I love doing, but a bracket feels an unknown and limiting entity. I am and I’m not any of these. But I like the experience of it, and more importantly, writing about all of them.

And that is, probably, that one true thing, I’m certain of.

Of course, I’m in no position to add a superlative in front of that writer, now. But, someday. And it really doesn’t matter if it leads to a destination or not, it is all about loving what you do. For now, I’m jolted up by the excitement that I can (and I will) think of having a singularity to my many passions in life. A realization. Now onwards.

There’s nothing wrong or right about having many passions, but I’d like to have just one. Asking too much, eh?

And that reminds me to ask, have you found your passion(s)?

The 100th Post of 2017: Feedback and the way forward

The light drizzle and the soft blowing wind. The thunder cancels out the traffic while the coffee brewing on the side provides the much-needed energy. There cannot be a better setting than this for me to (finally) type down the 100th Post for this year. (Yay!)

The intent was to make this post extra special and write a meaningful post describing the 100-post journey. A big ask.

I’m not being humble here but it is extremely difficult to play matchmaking for intent and output. They are literally never on the same page. Even if, in my head, the intent was always to write a piece that specifically touches people’s thoughts and provides meaning to help grow a discussion. The response, often, tends to be bleak.

Not complaining. There’s a ton of good content out there and it is difficult to stand out.

On the other hand, posts written as an after-thought of a far-fetched reverie tend to garner a few heartfelt responses in return. Feels good? Hell, Yeah!

But figuring out ‘what works’ and ‘what doesn’t’ is an analysis that is bereft of metrics that can lead subsequent action. And, results.

Self-analysis is tricky. One tends to throw themselves at the either end of the yardstick. I cannot, in my best day also, identify myself as a writer. Pretty sure, I’ll tremble to get that word out even if a gun is put on my head.

Hence, I thought of asking the good folks around for their opinion on my writing and of course the blog- My companion extraordinaire!

And Boy! People were kind enough to share their thoughts. All I can say is, I’m grateful!

I’d be happy to return this favour, in any way possible.

To summarise what I’ve learnt at the end of this 100-post experience and rephrasing few of the comments, here’s a 10-point list:

  1. Proofread, at least once, before hitting the publish button.
  2. Grammar Issues: Check for tenses in sentence structuring, Subject-Verb agreement
  3. Don’t be in a rush to finish off posts
  4. Pick a broad range of newer topics and experiment
  5. Readers prefer personalised and positive stories over negatives/rants
  6. Stick to a schedule as readers get used to one
  7. Writing has to be funny, witty and has to have dollops of sarcasm
  8. Writing can be less vague and control over ‘writer’s indulgence’ is required
  9. Focus on the Introduction to get reader’s attention
  10. Continue Writing regularly

I had initially thought of including, word-by-word, feedback from the readers in this post. However, as those were provided to me while conversing on WhatsApp/fb, I thought to add all the feedback without adding any names (for now) and wait to get their permission before I added the names. You might see more of them on this page soon: Click here for Feedback

I’m not sure if you’re still reading this longish post. Although, I can add a few more hundred words to this, but I’d restrain myself.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that perseverance pays off. A friend reminded me to check my writing from a few years back and check myself on how much I’ve improved. And yes, I have.

I still write with the same zeal and flow like years before, and I reckon that’s a good thing. Right?

That flair for writing has remained constant. The road ahead is ambiguous and certainly won’t clear out anytime soon. But baby steps, perhaps?

As always, please comment away your feedback! See you soon!

31 Days, 31 Posts!

31 Days, 31 Posts!

Phew! I seriously thought it won’t be possible for me to do this. But then, what do I know ?

Thank you all for reading, commenting, sharing, liking or even disliking it. It means a lot.

From the first post which looked back at 2016 to a series of random philosophies that I penned down every-night, which can be weird sometime. But thanks anyways, for understanding those as well. I love the people who get those kinds of weird posts.

Over the course of doing this exercise…

Oh wait, let me tell you about the “exercise” first. I wanted to experiment with my writing (which I’ll continue doing) and hence decided to write for 30-minutes everyday. In these 30 minutes, I’ll write whatever I wanted to and post it directly, without giving it a second read. And yes, I did do that. In case, you’ve been reading, that would have come to your notice as well.

A lot of people also shared their valuable suggestions by explaining certain language issues or even grammatical errors. Thank you so much for that. You guys are awesome. Please continue to point out any other issues that you may find with my writing.

I received a lot of responses for this post of mine: (Click here) and I’m glad that people could connect with this.

I’ll be editing out the posts (the 31 posts!) over this month and would continue writing these 30-minute-no-edits posts and look forward to more suggestions from your side. I’m continuing with the same approach of no-edits with this post as well and have to post this soon before heading out for a movie. Rewarding myself for the hard-work 😛

Do share your Revering Thoughts on this.

Today, I’m gonna Write

Writing is very instinct based. sometimes, you just don’t feel like writing and sometimes all your head wants is, to go hard at the keyboard.
Life’s like this too. Most of the times, we are laid back and push ourselves into not doing anything. We don’t want to remain in this state of not doing anything but we still end up.
Newton’s law of motion couldn’t have found a better example for inertia.
What we can do is, prolong those periods when we are trying not to be lazy. We should try to make use of the time, when we strongly feel that we are not in that zone of laziness.
Being organised is tough, but isn’t impossible.




With maintaining a day job and trying to find time for things like writing gets more difficult.
But today, I plan to change this. I plan to just write.
The idea is to complete all the pending write-ups. All the issues shouting out of my head will be put down in writing.
It is not everyday that one get this feeling, so in case you accidentally come wandering around something like that.Maybe it would be something other than writing in your case.

Go and start off, what your laziness has been stopping you from doing.

I’m Writing.

on the road to be a writer…

Saw two back-to-back movies today. My general instinct is to come back home and write a review on them. Today too, I tried the same. Two lines into it, and I just didn’t felt like. Not that I don’t like writing them or find it too much of an effort, but I’ve got a little tired of routine. Of being monotonous. This is, one very important part of that routine.

Not that this is going to stop altogether, I will write them once in a while, but just trying to break free from the routine. It’s been long since I even experimented with my writing. Frankly, I never give this the attention it deserves. I never get tired of telling about how I love writing. But do I? I just try to find the easy way to express something out. Writing movie reviews, is not at all writing. At least, not according to me. It is more of describing your experience and more of a resource for generating a viewership for your blog.

Even this attempt to blabbering about me not writing is not some unique piece of content being written upon. If I could remember correctly, my attempts to get back to writing have in itself generated many posts. To quote a few of them, An attempt to get back to writing and kicking the writer’s block. Ironically, the second one dealt with 5 ways to solve the problem 😛

And this isn’t all. Started off two short story series, namely The Broken glass and An Idiots love story before that, and couldn’t finish even those. It is not just about the laziness, of which I’m so full of but life being in no particular direction. All I crave for is peace. The ultimate desire to go some place quiet. Just sit there with my laptop and pen down things I really want to write about. Earlier this imagination was filled with me, living in a secluded old cosy house overlooking the city, with me writing by the view of the window. The imagination has surely modified itself with time, but the vague picture remains the same.

Writing something good and feeling it to be good yourself when you read it, is an achievement. I never feel like re-reading my posts to edit things, to correct things. I know I should, but apart from the visible grammar errors, there never seems to be a need to make changes. I believe it was in that moment which I thought of writing that sentence the way I thought. It was the naked picture that my words portrayed there, in putting fancy clothes on it to make it good later, will definitely make it appreciative. But in that craving of appreciation, I left the opportunity to introduce the true self of that sentence.

To a large extent, many write from how the audience or the readers would take the piece written. I won’t totally exclude myself from that list, but my true self will only come across if I write from that part of my heart which doesn’t focus entirely on that.

I’m choosing the road. Will try to travel along, hopefully a little faster this time and complete those unfinished stories with endings they deserve.

…just straight out of my pen…

It suddenly strikes. The zeal to write again, to immerse yourself in the beauty of the words. Words, written words, have a way to let you express yourself. They never disappoint.

A lot happens. A lot of ideas to write on, flows along the way too. but the effort required to open up the word document after coming from work, seems more hectic than the session in gym. At least, there’s a trainer to push you, to put those muscles to work. Back in home, that laziness won’t let you do anything apart from clicking on the play button on the VLC player while watching a random TV series. Such is life. Work life.

Although, I should add, it is just my attempt to throw the blame of this whole thing onto something. It has always been like that, getting into a shell where writing something which I want, get pushed away. Procrastination sweeps in and makes you sleep with it. and believe me, it is only the time when we are with it, it feels good, but just when we wake up next day, the intense hangover of having done nothing fills up the head.

I’ve been trying hard to get life a little disciplined. Starting to manage time a little better, and do a lot of other things that will just give me space and time to do things that I like. And yet, this ardouous process never seems to take off. But then, one should keep trying right ?

And so, here’s a start to a better disciplined life. Maybe it is too late, or maybe it is not. Heard somewhere, Your “rest of the life” starts now!! So, I’m making a start. To start writing again, just for the pure love of it, without any obligations to cater to. Just simply write. To express.

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