Writing is very instinct based. sometimes, you just don’t feel like writing and sometimes all your head wants is, to go hard at the keyboard.
Life’s like this too. Most of the times, we are laid back and push ourselves into not doing anything. We don’t want to remain in this state of not doing anything but we still end up.
Newton’s law of motion couldn’t have found a better example for inertia.
What we can do is, prolong those periods when we are trying not to be lazy. We should try to make use of the time, when we strongly feel that we are not in that zone of laziness.
Being organised is tough, but isn’t impossible.




With maintaining a day job and trying to find time for things like writing gets more difficult.
But today, I plan to change this. I plan to just write.
The idea is to complete all the pending write-ups. All the issues shouting out of my head will be put down in writing.
It is not everyday that one get this feeling, so in case you accidentally come wandering around something like that.Maybe it would be something other than writing in your case.

Go and start off, what your laziness has been stopping you from doing.

I’m Writing.