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Saw two back-to-back movies today. My general instinct is to come back home and write a review on them. Today too, I tried the same. Two lines into it, and I just didn’t felt like. Not that I don’t like writing them or find it too much of an effort, but I’ve got a little tired of routine. Of being monotonous. This is, one very important part of that routine.

Not that this is going to stop altogether, I will write them once in a while, but just trying to break free from the routine. It’s been long since I even experimented with my writing. Frankly, I never give this the attention it deserves. I never get tired of telling about how I love writing. But do I? I just try to find the easy way to express something out. Writing movie reviews, is not at all writing. At least, not according to me. It is more of describing your experience and more of a resource for generating a viewership for your blog.

Even this attempt to blabbering about me not writing is not some unique piece of content being written upon. If I could remember correctly, my attempts to get back to writing have in itself generated many posts. To quote a few of them, An attempt to get back to writing and kicking the writer’s block. Ironically, the second one dealt with 5 ways to solve the problem 😛

And this isn’t all. Started off two short story series, namely The Broken glass and An Idiots love story before that, and couldn’t finish even those. It is not just about the laziness, of which I’m so full of but life being in no particular direction. All I crave for is peace. The ultimate desire to go some place quiet. Just sit there with my laptop and pen down things I really want to write about. Earlier this imagination was filled with me, living in a secluded old cosy house overlooking the city, with me writing by the view of the window. The imagination has surely modified itself with time, but the vague picture remains the same.

Writing something good and feeling it to be good yourself when you read it, is an achievement. I never feel like re-reading my posts to edit things, to correct things. I know I should, but apart from the visible grammar errors, there never seems to be a need to make changes. I believe it was in that moment which I thought of writing that sentence the way I thought. It was the naked picture that my words portrayed there, in putting fancy clothes on it to make it good later, will definitely make it appreciative. But in that craving of appreciation, I left the opportunity to introduce the true self of that sentence.

To a large extent, many write from how the audience or the readers would take the piece written. I won’t totally exclude myself from that list, but my true self will only come across if I write from that part of my heart which doesn’t focus entirely on that.

I’m choosing the road. Will try to travel along, hopefully a little faster this time and complete those unfinished stories with endings they deserve.


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  1. Bushra

    🙂 indeed the best achievement is to be able to read your post and enjoy it when you have published it. I love my blog and sometimes my favourite hobby is reading my own posts… Feels really good! 😀 Let’s hope you achieve what you want B-)

  2. Worry not.

    I go through stretches when I’m not motivated. Even after seeing something that merited a review. I never force the issue.

    Generally, when the time is right, the post starts writing itself when I am in that dream state that occurs after a night;s sleep, but before I am awake.

    If I am dreaming about what to write, then I know the time is right.

    About polishing – I know it is difficult. You think you are finished. So let it be. A few days later, when you look at it, the changes will come to you without you even trying..

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