Most likely, Muslims in India are going to celebrate Eid on Tuesday. Unless, of course, the crescent decided to show up tomorrow in India itself after missing from the gulf skies today. Highly unlikely.

This Eid-ul-Fitr will be the first one post-covid. Grateful that we got to observe Ramadan without the fear of the coronavirus. Of course, there were other viruses affecting peace throughout the country.

And that takes up a lot of our mental bandwidth. And most likely, will do so in the nearest future.

In times like these, it’s easy to feel, ‘what’s the point’ to celebrating when houses are being demolished and people are being put behind bars or slapped with court cases.

But, I feel, especially this time, we need to put our best selves forward and celebrate Eid the way Allah intended for us to. It’s a blessing bestowed upon us after a month of fasting, and we should honor it.

With at least two days left, do make it a point to prepare for the day as per the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Get some suitable clothes for yourselves and your family, clean up and decorate your houses, and most importantly, ensure you’ve paid out your Zakat and Fitra.

Yes, things are difficult. But, honestly, when they were not? If you look back on the stories of our Prophet’s companions, they faced worse, and yet they persisted. Have your tawakkul and use it as your strength.

If it doesn’t come naturally to you, think of the joy Eid brought you when we were all kids. Perhaps, that and just that can make you reconnect with the joy and happiness we’re all meant to enjoy.

May Allah be pleased with us and bring peace everywhere.