The primary reason why they’ve not been able to shift the entire blame on Muslims as easily as before is because of video evidence. Videos recorded by Muslims capture the whole tamasha. 

Documentation is always going to be necessary. I wish we could all afford to install CCTV cameras outside every mosque in India. We’ll need to ensure evidence is captured against these goons. Else, a sizeable number will be put behind bars without bail. 

This is Ramadan, and hence, a larger crowd is present in the mosques. I hope the numbers drastically don’t reduce in troubled areas; else, there won’t be anyone to protect that itself. But, it’s a reality we will need to be ready for. 

Of course, cameras or evidence don’t scare them now. Even if some of them are put behind bars, they are welcomed with garlands when they come out. Getting arrested is like an induction session for them.  And yet, we all have to think of strengthening the security of our mosques and madrasas. Relying on the state will be foolishness. The force itself is corrupt and willing to stand by and watch our mosques being burnt and vandalized amid the cheers of Jai Shree Ram. 
Document everything. Voice out and speak regularly. Don’t care what anyone else will think of ‘soo many posts’ or ‘being political.’  Not all of us can always hit the streets or join politics, nor can we all articulate what’s going on. If you can, do what’s possible from your end. 

Ramadan is also a month for charity. Contribute to your local mosques in whatever you can to help improve their security.
Whatever happens, will happen according to Allah’s will only. But, there are still a few things we should do. Documenting things is one of them.