After Ram Navmi, now it’s time for rallies for Hanuman Jayanti. The intent is clear—assertion of authority. Ensuring that they keep creating scenarios where violence can happen—awaiting for retaliation to bundle up as many Muslims behind the bar as possible.

We should brace ourselves for more such rallies, decorated with loudspeakers, saffron flags, sticks, swords, and the loud noise of these ‘bhakts’.

This is the only way the BJP can provide any kind of employment anyway. So, we’re bound to see this charade of fake religiosity being displayed more often. Such a convenient way to transfer our taxes to these jobless thugs without giving them a job. This is a job too, which they seem to be enjoying.

It won’t be limited to just these festivals. We should anticipate some innovations in Eid as well. They asked school kids to celebrate Vajpayee’s birthday on Christmas. They’ve even created a ‘Matr-pitr was on Valentine’s day. Legit. Perhaps, because our festivals’ date doesn’t get decided until the very end, it’s playing a spoilsport in planning for them.

We should remind some of them that this approaching Eid isn’t the one where we sacrifice. They’ll have to wait for a couple of months for their animal love to outpour.

Looking forward to the trend of Hanuman Chalisa being played with the azaan everyday. I hope they learn it by heart instead of reading it like those shared videos. Even I can recite half of it, thanks to the films and television we watched growing up.

We will retaliate. Not with violence. Allah will take care of us. In a way, our Imaan and taqwa are only getting strengthened because of it. Perhaps, this is Allah’s way of teaching us a lesson to leave everything to him.