Every morning, before handing over the newspaper to my Grandpa, I used to check out this page in the newspaper. Among all the other things I used to check, there were these cartoons which always topped the list. It was very rare that I understood those. But I made it a point to read and understand them.

Much as I miss handing over the newspapers as well as I miss my grandpa, I also miss the joy of once-in-a-blue-moon feeling of having understood those cartoons. Most of the times, it was grandpa who would try to help me out in understanding them.


The name of RK Laxman is synonymous with those cartoons. It was then; it is now and will be for a long time.

A picture speaks a thousand words. His cartoons spoke more than that. Over the years, they have explained the plight of the common man without the paint of biased viewpoints which the media of today reeks of.
rk laxman
The appeal of those cartoons is not limited to any age-group but catered to one and all. They brought out the plight of a common man. The problems of the common man, just with the help of his cartoons.

His name is synonymous with these cartoons which he began in 1951 in the cartoon strip, “You said it”.

His cartoons were a very important part of his famous brother, RK Narayan’s Malgudi days adaptation on Television.

RK Laxman, you’ll always be remembered. RIP.