Muslims who deny even the existence of caste and don’t even take the time and effort to learn about it sound exactly like their upper-caste counterparts from other religions.

Most likely, if you don’t think caste exists, you’re from the UC. Go ask your Abbu.

Back as a kid, there used to be this common phrase thrown around whenever there was a fight (read argument) ‘Jaat dikha diya na be tum.’

In school, a few of the teachers, while beating kids, would taunt them with words like ‘chamaar,’ ‘Adivasi,’ etc.

There used to be this practice of ‘washing the feet of Syeds during marriages in our village. My dadi’s family is Syed, and there have been occasions when they’ve washed her feet! Is this being recommended in Islam? No. Is it being practiced by Muslims? Yes.

It never, at that point, occurred how derogatory it actually is.

In a discussion with a friend, he talked about how in his village, if a man from a lower community were to visit their home, they’ll still sit down and not at the same level. And these are Muslims who are doing this to each other. Muslims who talk about universal brotherhood.

And please don’t say, ‘Islam does not have a caste system.’ Of course!! But Muslims have created it by borrowing it from others just for their own convenience. And it is a reality.

All of the above examples are still scattered. But, when it comes to marriage, the caste system is still standard. You can hear people using words like ‘Biradri,’ ‘khaandan,’ ‘rishtedaari,’ etc but that’s anyway, markers of caste.

It doesn’t translate into violence, not discrimination when it comes to mosques, businesses, etc. Thankfully.

And no, it is NOT as big a problem as it is with the majority community. But completely denying the fact that ‘Caste does not exist among Muslims is a false narrative.