Watching the video of Delhi police mercilessly beating students up makes my blood boil. How can they? And how is everybody being okay with something like this?

My timeline is just filled with the same video being shared by almost every Muslim I know of. The protests across Jamia and AMU are also being done by Muslims. And no, I won’t pander to the very select group of non-Muslims who’re standing along with us in THIS time. I f***** won’t. It is BASIC. You aren’t doing anyone a favor. And if getting a pat on your back is the reason, you’re doing this, then DON’T.

Of course, a large part of the ‘OTHERS’. Yes, I’ll call ALL OF YOU Morons as OTHERS. Because you effing are! Standing aside, looking at what is happening and doing NOTHING!

This is all on you. All you morons who voted for these assholes to power. And I’m ashamed of having known each of you who has voted for a party whose sole objective is to get rid of Muslims!

And EVERYONE of you who voted for them had an idea on what they stood for. And you still did.

And if the economy were any better, you would have happily accepted this price for the sake of your wallets. You are THAT selfish.

This all might even be appearing useless to you. The whole protests, people creating a ‘scene’ and every word that comes out of our mouths! Because at the end of the day, YOU DON’T CARE!

I know, some of you must be thinking, but hey, ‘I’m NOT like them. I’m with you all. Well, if you are, then show it. Just as we’ve been trying to show for the entirety of our lives that WE ARE INDIANS and we’ll have to do for another lifetime.

How do you morons sleep? How do you sleep knowing that you voted for people who will ONLY be satisfied if they see Muslims suffer?

I know I’m just venting this out and might even regret later for this language, but this is exactly what each of us is feeling right at this moment and just wanted to put it out there. Maybe ONE of you morons will realize his mistake and SPEAK UP.

‘Har Taaj Uchaale jaenge. Sab Takht giraye jaenge’

‘hum bhi dekhenge. Laazim hai, ham bhi dekhenge.’