Modi will go away tomorrow, or maybe after 5 more years, but it’ll go away someday. But, it has definitely helped unmask the hatred lying beneath a lot of faces. Not saying all BJP supporters have that, some are just delusional and actually believe that he’s ‘doing something’, but a vast emboldened majority is bigoted. That has been the highlight of the Modi government’s rule. Emboldening the fringe. Tomorrow is only going to be about whether those vocal bigots will continue spreading their hate for a few more years or there’d be some semblance of ceasefire.

Over the years, since Modi started his campaign, I’ve seen people turn from sensible lads to ‘Dude! What happened to you?’. Not sure, if the bhakti for the RW style of politics was always there or it was the ‘cool and rebellious’ thing that they latched onto, and got stuck in the loop of ‘now, I’ve committed to it’ as if it’s a marriage. Ironically, their ‘supreme leader’ ran away from one. And perhaps that’s why cannot see people happy.

To those privileged folks who think, leaving all this behind and building a new life outside the shores of this madness is a solution (Sadly, that’s what I keep hearing from everyone), irrespective of wherever you go, you just can’t cut off your roots. The overdose of patriotism infused in all of us is never gonna take away the Indianness out of us. Suckers, that we are.
So, let’s not let your privilege dictate how the others who can’t afford to even think that way feel like their life is going to be useless.

It’s not like a BJP loss is gonna make things alright. Suddenly, our country will change overnight like a typical bow-tied fairytale ending of a Bollywood movie. The only respite would be the hateful frenzy that seems to have seeped across the board, from roads to houses to schools and colleges and offices. The brazen outspokenness of othering anyone who doesn’t like this government or more specifically Modi. The false binary of equating Congress and BJP, which is laughable to say the least.

‘Why do you guys hate Modi so much?!’ is the general retort flying out of a well-educated, watsapp-university trained person.

The majority that dislikes modi is the one who dislikes him right from 2002. And yet, they ask as of the other side has to list down reasons for the same. Like, seriously?!

Sure, if you hate Congress for ’84, I’d still believe it. But, that’s just used as a counter to 2002. Of course, had ’84 culprits were punished, 2002 might not have happened.

Anyway, I’ll be very surprised if BJP does not win tomorrow. If all this propaganda and money power, cannot make them win, then what will. Also, let’s not blame EVMs for the loss. If it were that critical, Congress should’ve protested every day before elections than doing it now.

Would be pleased to be proven wrong.

Hours away from a very important day for our country.

The fight will still continue!