Waterfalls are magnificent! Right?

But when you’re in India, there are times (a lot) when you’re left disappointed when you visit these. The timing has to be perfecto. If you visit during monsoon, the water is plenty and the authorities close off the entrance to the falls. Tell me about it! If you happen to visit before monsoon, or even during winters, all you get to see is water that at best is like a public shower. And few tourists even use it like one!

However, this time around, when we headed towards Unchalli Falls, we got lucky. My excitement knew no bound as I heard the sound of water while trekking down towards the first view point. The misty air was filled with water like fragrance.

Lo and behold!

The sight was beautiful. Wowsome. Add to it the rainbow formed accompanying the already beautiful view.

We had not planned on visiting this waterfall at all. Our plan was to head to Karwar after a day at Sirsi to experience the village-life. To the uninitiated, these are places in the northern part of Karnataka towards the coastal region. However, while on our way to Karwar, we saw a board, and well, we were on our way to Unchalli Falls.

A walk of more than a kilometer from the parking area over stairs which led us down to the area. But before we could even see the view, we could already hear it. The loud noise of the water splashing and a light drizzle that spread through the air as if it was about to rain. The fragrance of the fall could be sensed before we even could take a look at it.

But, none of this mattered as soon as we caught glimpse of the falls. The magnanimous water flowing down from up there and creating a rainbow. Our Eyes! I’ve never cried out in excitement before this and that shouting still echoes in my own head like a craving to view that once again.

We spent some time getting drenched in the aura of the waterfall from the viewpoint and then multiple other viewpoints as we headed upstairs.

In case you’re planning for a trip to Karwar, Gokarna or even Goa, you can go via the sirsi route and make a stop at this place just to experience this.