Travelogue: Delhi Food Chapter

The options for food in Delhi are immense. The variety is staggering. Every pocket size can get something at every street corner. Something that’s amiss here in Bangalore.
The tales of street-food around Jama Masjid had already raised expectations and naturally this was the first place where I took the metro to.

Jahangir Biriyani, Delhi Food
So, my friend took me to Jahangir instead of the famous Karim’s. Knowing this won’ be my only visit in this vicinity for this trip, I agreed to trust him.
Of all the choices, Biriyani was definitely one. Chicken Lollipop and Mutton kassa became the starters.
The Biriyani was a little oily and the rice wasn’t the usual Hyderabadi Biryani kind and a little peculiar. But it definitely boasted of strong flavors and was cooked well.
Chandni Chowk.
So, confession time, I had no idea as to what Chandni Chowk was. But thanks to the innumerable references, I was curious.
Well, it turned out to be an overcrowded market place burstling with energy and yes, lots of people. Lots.

Daulat ka Chaat

Daulat ki Chaat, Delhi Food
I ended up trying “Daulat ki Chaat” in the streets and it was melt-in-your-mouth Yum. Expensive by street-food standards. However, I wouldn’t mind paying double of that if I could get it now.
Nataraja Dahi Bhalle

Nataraj Dahi Bhalle, Delhi Food
The Dahi Bhalle was on the sweeter side and personally didn’t like it. But the crowd seemed to love it. Hordes of people lining up to buy this on an evening. I’m told that this is a regular scene at this outlet. But were they all like me to have visited the outlet because of the “crowd”?

Paranthe wali Gali, Delhi Food
Close to this shop is what the Delhiwaalas call the “Paranthe wali Gali”. It’s not just parantha but a variety of fried Indian stuff being dished out. One can find umpteen number of parantha combinations. For a lane this size, there would hardly be a time when it is not crowded.
Khan Market

Khan Chacha, Khan Market, Delhi Food
My cousin took me to this posh Delhi Market called Khan Market. It’s different from the usual Delhi, although there’s no dearth of girls pouting for selfies like the rest of Delhi.
Jokes apart, the place is interesting and would have been great to be hanging around.
Khan Chacha
We went to another famous outlet called “Khan Chacha”, started Haji Banda Hasan in 1972. With a modest shop and ended up becoming popular as ‘KHAN CHACHA’ among students and youngsters. It is sort of a legacy now.
We tried rolls which were good, the kebabs too but the Biriyan was okayish. What I realized is, if you’re used to the Hyedrabadi style of Biriyani, getting used to Biriyani they serve in Delhi is difficult.

Barcelos Burgers, Delhi Food
This one is close to Khan Chacha and this Burger is something to die for. The black burger is too big a mouthful but is worth it. I’m waiting for the day when they open an outlet in Bangalore.
Haus Khaas Village

Haus Khaas Village, Delhi Food
Crushed Chicken Kathi Rolls at one of the many food stalls at this happening place. The crowd is good and the food around is good too.

Nikashee Chinese food, Delhi
Tried a little bit of Chinese as well. Noodles, Fried Rice and Shezwan Cheese Gravy to accompany it all.

Changezi, Delhi Food
This was one dish my friend has been telling me a lot about. So, we went to see what the whole fuss was about. When you visit a place and just by looking at the food being cooked you realize, woah, this is going to be good. This outlet was one of those.

Changezi Chicken, Delhi Food
Changezi laden with Creamy butter was to die for. One of the highlights of my delhi trip.

Kebabs, Karim's, Delhi Food
This place has a waiting line which can envy even government office counters. I’ve been to my fair share of restaurants but had never waited this much to get a seat. Food was good, however, cannot tag it “best I’ve had” and Delhi has much more variety and quality food than just Kareem’s But of course, one needs to experience the place, and so I did. Tried out these Kebabs among various other things.
Just out of Kareems’ there is a sweet shop opposite to Kareem’s. Tried their Rabdi to end my meal on a high.

Rabdi, Jama Masjid Area, Delhi Food
I ended up trying their Biriyani at a food court where I met a friend and found it okayish. But then, it is wrong to copare food-court wala food with restaurant quality. Right ?

Momos from Delhi:

Momos from Delhi are famous. One can find them wherever you lay your eyes on. If I had to compare it to the ones we get in Bangalore, they were far better. I’m not a momo-fan, even though I don’t dislike ‘em either and found these momos great. The chutey served makes it even better. And they’re cheap as well.
The Parantha Mornings

Paranthas, Delhi Food
My usual travel plans are spread across weekends. But for the Delhi trip (as it was longer), getting to experience the weekday rush around town as well as the breakfast options. Amazingly good breakfast at 20 bucks, where you get to eat hot spicy paranthas with chutneys. Great, isn’t?

I’m sure I’ll definitely be visiting Delhi again and will add onto this list. if you have any suggestions around food, then do comment.


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  1. I am from South India. These food items are fresh to me. But you made me hungry now. These are good for breakfasts, and at low cost too. I will try some of them from my nearest north Indian restaurant.

    Thank you very much.

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