Revering Thoughts on 2016

I’ve been staring at the WP-dashboard to type down my thoughts on the year that went by. I can sum it down to just one sentence but wanted to “intellectalize” my thoughts and hence the need to pen down the reveries.

To look at a year, which is basically nothing but a timeline that gets followed worldwide, is weird. However, since I got to spent a good part of the year alone. Alone as in living alone. I had a lot of time to psycho-analyze things in detail. After all, my job title also has the word “Analyst” into it. Thankfully, I didn’t ended up creating an excel sheet to do this “year analysis”.

Living alone is a weird experience:

Initially I loved the idea of living all alone when my roommate of more than a year decided to flee town and get married. Over time, I Started loving the freedom it gave. The place was a mess, but who cares ? Over time, it did became weird in the sense that there was no one! Only those who have done this would know how it is. It’s a mixed bag. There was no push from inside to even travel out. The solace at home, in a way, fulfilled that feeling as well. This was one of the biggest learning of the year 2016.

Introduction to Kannada Cinema

In the last 2-3 years, I’ve been exposed to a lot of regional cinema. Telugu and Tamil, initially and then followed by Malayalam. I was in awe with Malayalam movies (and still am). Kannada movies, in my head and whatever little I saw in bits, looked more like the masala versions of telugu and tamil. What changed this year ? I ended up watching U-turn! I followed this with Thithi and a few others. The parallel cinema here is definitely going strong and I’m glad that they have started releasing it with subtitles.


Who would have thought ? Huh! But then understanding grassroot level support from TV/Internet is just not right. Learning ? A big one. People don’t want to go with an idea that is “right for all, collectively”, they want something for themselves. The liberals “talk” just doesn’t get accepted anymore. Liberal is boring and just not sexy. The right is and that’ where the tide is turning for now.

Staying away from Politics on Facebook

Phew! This one was tough! And there were a few instances that I did break it for a while, but overall, ¬†I did stick to not writing anything about politics. This did helped a lot to clear my head and not get into useless arguments that go nowhere except alienating people on two sides. Especially when , I have no side of mine and want to stay away from just one side! But I did miss on sharing my views and I’m still in two minds as to whether I should continue with this self-imposed ban or not.

Learning to say No

Naah! I’m not trying to talk about feminism here. I’ve always had this inability of not being able to say No to people. I’ve met people even when I didn’t wanted to, went to places where I wasn’t comfortable in, tried to be nice when all I wanted was to smash their heads and a lot of things. And No, I haven’t been able to completely do that as well. However, there’s been a little improvement on that front.

Finding my self-respect

If one needs to jot down their most valuable possessions, then this surely would top their list. At least it did in mine. Things have been pretty interesting in the last few years, the lows and the highs and the balanced out parts. This year, I finally made an attempt, to get it back. Yes, there are times when it just isn’t easy to hold onto it and these last few months did make me realize this. But all’s well that ends well, right ?

Of course, I’ve only talked about the good things here, right ? Well, because I’ve left behind all the bad stuff. You should too. Have a great new year, folks.



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  1. Interesting !! Your post made me retrospectively think about my 2016 and draw some learnings!!

    • Glad it did. And it’s only when I was writing that I actually introspected even more.

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