Top 10 Bollywood Movies of 2015

2015 wasn’t particularly the best year for Bollywood. Of course, there were a few which did entertain us.

This list is a list of Top 10 Bollywood movies released this year. Do let us know which one was your favorite of them all.

10. Manjhi- The Mountain Man

At number 10 is Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s breakout solo movie where he pushes the boundaries of his acting talent to the limit. The movie is about a man’s determination to avenge the death of his wife from the mountain. The village which remained disconnected without a proper road due to the mountain acts as the arrogant villain who in Manjhi’s eyes is responsible for his wife’s death during childbirth. It is amazing what an actor like him brings to the table. The movie is his own and only his. Radhika Apte who plays the role of his wife supports him well but it is hard enough to take your eyes off Nawaz’s performance.

9. Bajrangi bhaijan

Thank you Salman Khan for doing a movie that actually had a story. It is a feel-good mass entertainer and one of the rare ones to release this year along with Baahubali. Salman brings out a great performance through his portrayal of bajrangi bhaijan while trying to rescue the little Pakistani girl. The film is message-oriented, albeit melodramatic, but entertaining. Salman plays a mellowed down character who is religious and good-hearted. The film strikes a chord in terms of cross-border bonding and drives home a positive message.

8. Nh10

Perhaps one of the few Indian movies where you see a woman beating the shit out of bad guys. And no it isn’t a Charlie’s angels or a kung fu master remake, but raw action circumstantial tragedy. Produced and acted by Anushka who ensures you take the NH10 ride to the end and applaud the bravery. Deepti naval also brings a brilliant performance in her portrayal of the Haryanvi Sarpanch by bringing the grey shades of patriarchy to her character. If you’ve seen Anushka Sharma in bubbly characters all along, this one changed a lot of perceptions.

7. Badlapur

Pushed to the wall after the death of his wife and kid, an angry man waits to take his revenge on the killer. You can argue over whether Varun Dhawan did justice to this amazingly meaty role or not, but did a good job to do something different than the chocolate-boy image he has. Nawazuddin is as usual brilliant and even though the limelight is on the protagonist, Varun, he brings the best out of what he got. Supported brilliantly by great background music, this one was a good watch.

6. Tanu weds Manu returns

Fun riot. How could you not love Kangana? That too 2 of them. If you had liked the romantic Tanu weds Manu then you’d love the comedy that this sequel is. Who said sequels aren’t good? This one will prove you wrong. Madhavan brings the same earnestness to the character as in the last one. The best part of this series is the screen space given to the supporting cast, which essentially ensures, you never get bored. Especially when you have the likes of Swara Bhaskar and Deepak Dobriyal. One of the fun movies, which you’ll love and watch again and again.

5. Zor lagake haisha

Can you love your wife who happens to be fat? Well, that’s the question which this movie answers. Of course, you know how the plot will unfold but that’s not the beauty of the movie. The overweight bride( played by Bhumi Pednekar) and the easily hate-able husband who is not only unemployed but also unhappy with his married life. Yet, Ayushman Khurana makes sure you do end up empathizing with him as well which is amazing. It’s a sweet movie that sends all the right signals and even after playing over stereotypes, ensures it doesn’t add to it, rather is a feel-good entertainer.

4. Titli

Wow. Each frame brings a sense of understanding of the lives of this lower-class family. The background music-less scenes hit you hard. While the push for aspirations and changing lives has been at the forefront, the scary sad lives become the background reality. You actually get to experience the difficulties of life through their eyes. It is tragic to see what people end up doing to reach what they aspire to be. They try to do everything for their family by being totally against the concept of living like a family. The craving to be with a family and push all boundaries to achieve that. Shashank Arora, Ranvir Shorey, and Amit Sial throw in brilliant performances. Shashank is someone to watch out for.

3. Talwar

A powerful movie script based on a real-life incident that shocked the whole of India and ensured months of TRP based coverage on 24×7 news channels. Of course, it entirely focuses on One version of the incident but is powerful enough to make you believe that. Talwar comes with brilliant central performances from Irfan Khan and Konkana sen Sharma and supported by Neeraj Kabi.
Even actors playing 10-minute roles bring a sense of unmistaken originality to the table. Irfan’s’ performance is going to blow you away.

2. Masaan

When movies bring forth reality and make you feel their pain, anxiousness while going through the tragic realities of small towns. Richa chadda is a protagonist which isn’t necessarily likable yet strikes a chord. This swindling story of love, death, and small-town brings a sense of calm towards the end of it. The imagery is hard to get off your mind and the music fills your heart. It’s hard to not get yourself thinking and appreciate the movie. Characters played by Shweta Tripathy, Vicky Kaushal, and Sanjay Mishra are so perfect that they make it easier for you to connect to the story. It is a movie which gets made not very often.


This has been the best movie of the year 2015 for me. I gave it a 5-star when I reviewed it. If I was at all looking for faults in the movie, I just could not have found any!! I was immersed in the saga of an old man and his “motion”. To my surprise, the humor is not at all crass, as one can imagine with such a subject( It is about shit, literally!!) The whole subject has been dealt with so well. Deepika Padukone has had an exceptionally great year and Piku is just the tip of the iceberg she has conquered. Amitabh Bachchan makes you recall how your own Grandfather was, while Irfan is at his usual brilliance. Shoojit Sircar, Respect!! Have loved, Vicky donor as well as Madras Cafe. The way this guy deals with the subject is class.


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  1. Piku is highly over-rated, agree with your other choices

    • mohammadfarooq

      Well I loved it. But then our choices vary.
      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. Mukesh

    good list. But, i can not find “Baby” in this list!!

    • mohammadfarooq

      Baby just missed the cut! It was indeed one of the good movies of last year.

  3. Masaan was a real dark one. :/ When that girl died I was crying like hell! Wonderful picks. Have not watched couple of them. Bajrangi was the best!

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