Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Irfan Khan

Director: Shoojit Sircar

Runtime: 122 Minutes

The trailer was good enough to know what was in store, or rather what was still in stomach and creating troubles. If I was at all looking for faults in the movie, I just could not have found any!! I was immersed into the saga of an old man and his “motion”. To my surprise, the humour is not at all crass, as one can imagine with such a subject( It is about shit, literally!!) The whole subject has been dealt so well. I loved watching the movie as well as writing this piku movie review.

Piku movie review


The story is about Piku (Deepika) and about how her relationship with her father just doesn’t let her live her own life. How his father’s constipation issues and old age are stuff which have made her cranky and someone people are afraid of. In a way, lot like her father.

Rana Chaudhry (Irfan Khan’s character), plays the role of a gulf-returned cab service company owner, battling his own family issues. Moushami Chatterjee and Jishu Sengupta  also have supporting roles.

The writer tries to draw a blurry similarity into two lives, Deepika and Irfan’s, and how both are a mirror for a generation for whom their parents have now become their children. Although much of the focus is on Piku’s father in the story.

But the real star of the movie is Bhaskor!! Played amazingly well by Amitabh Bachchan!! If you’ve been with your grandfather in their old age, he is bound to take you on a nostalgic dive deep into that. For me, his was the best written character in a long time. The detailed approach and the into-the-cranky-constipated-character which he plays, is simply the best you can see. It is a treat. Each frame, each scene and each dialogue.

Irfan Khan is a seasoned actor, and he is simply at his A-game like always. It also amazes me, how well Deepika keeps getting better with each movie!! I mean, she is polishing off edges with every movie. She was impressive in YJHD, Ramleela and then Finding Fanny, but this is on a different level.

deepika in piku

[Image courtesy: Littleredtote]

The songs are good, nothing spectacular. Loved the Road song though. The cinematography is another very interesting aspect of the movie, especially the way they have shot Kolkata. Best part is, it is not exaggeratedly highlighted. Everything is kept simple, while the focus just remains on telling the audience about Piku and her father.

It is the best Indian Cinema has offered in a long time. It is so good, that I’m already making plans to catch another show. Just go, watch enjoy. I’m sure, you won’t regret. Shoojit Sircar, Respect!! Have loved, Vicky donor as well as Madras Cafe. The way this guy deals with the subject, is class.

I’m giving a 5/5 (Ohh, Yes!!) for Shoojit Sircar’s Piku. Watch it for everything.


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