Like every month, when all plans were in place for the trip, I searched up my wardrobe to fill up the travel bag. It is kind of the only time I end up looking for clothes with so much importance. You need to figure out what kind of clothes to carry, how many to carry and most important of them all whether there are any washed clothes or not.

Sadly, this time around, there were hardly any!!

The trip was a day away and I serious;y needed to wash ‘em up. Giving out to a dhobhi  wasn’t an option. It was late-night and even if I somehow managed to  give it off early morning, there was no way, he would return it to me before the my train leaves for Kerala.

Finally, I had to take the plunge. I decided to wash them on my own.

Ariel wash Bucket Challenge

With Ariel Matic and a bucket full of necessary clothes, I put them all in the washing machine.

It is not like I do not wah my clothes, but it takes a lot of effort you know. I mean you need to take these clothes, wash them, then dry them out and not to forget the fact that sometimes, it ends up raining, and all your efforts are gone down the drain. Down the terrace pipe, to be precise.

But the fact that once, it all is done, you feel happy. Happy to have done something productive.

In particular, washing with Ariel Matic was a delightful experience. It requires very less detergent and the clothes just get rid of all the dirt they might have accumulated over time.

Finally, I packed up all my stuff for the Kerala tour.

Ariel wash Bucket Challenge

This post has been written in collaboration with Blogadda for Airiel’s #WshBucketChallenge

I also nominate Sarabjeet, Akshay, Shreya, Shreesha and Preethi for the #WashBucketChallenge