Let’s help the School Boat Sail

Traditional vs. Contemporary thinking. These two have for long been placed at the opposite ends of a lot of debates. If you happen to be inclined to one side, or your lifestyle seems to infer that you are, you are branded like one. Call it tradition, fundamentalism or the often used tag of “backward”. People who hold onto their traditional slash religious slash cultural practices are more often painted with the same brush of supposed “backwardness”. A Modern lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean that their thinking has changed as well.

India is a land of traditions and culture and for long this has this has acted as binding glue to shaped us the way we are today. The Guru-shisya Parampara has long been part of these traditions, and is not just limited to just Hinduism. Christian Missionaries have also been very helpful in promoting education in different parts of our country. Although Madarsas have been only part of the religious teaching, but over time contemporary subjects of Mathematics, Social Science and even English have found their way into syllabuses as well. Of course, people for who propaganda is bread-butter continue to be skeptical about it all.

All of these are not about leaving traditions, but modifying the practices to accommodate the contemporary thinking. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong in even the Traditional ways of learning as well. Knowledge of any nature is always helpful. It is what makes us human and wiser. Illiteracy has been the biggest roadblock in the development of our country along with rampant corruption. An educated India will help not just in the growth, but also in making sure that other obstacles in our development are removed as well.

The Journey of Doing Right for the NGO Guria under the leadership of Ajeet  Singh is slowly helping in the magical transformation of Varanasi.

Varanasi School Boat


(Image Courtesy: The Week)

Varanasi, the place known for its traditions and religious fervor, has long been a victim of Illiteracy. But a unique concept of Varanasi Boat school is now slowly becoming the torch-bearer for removing illiteracy from the place. After a regular day at school, they are given a boat ride of 2 hours to teach, without any pressure. This unique way of keeping children off the streets where they waste their time into other activities and end up losing interest in studies, is proving really helpful. This method of no-pressure learning to focus more on studies is a stepping stone towards removing illiteracy. They are not limited to tools of regular schools and this method provides an ideal learning environment for them to learn without any added pressure.

We all can contribute towards the cause by helping them raise funds for the boat school scholarship. Let us Do Right by devoting our resources for these kids, the learning environment they deserve. Do Right.



Thank you, Team India!!


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  1. I hadn’t heard of this boat school. I must say, it is a unique concept. Illiteracy and population are the two big reasons that have pulled India behind.

    • mohammadfarooq

      True that. More importantly, these two are inter-related. If we focus on education, along with population, most of our problems will get reduced.

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