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To take the message of PK (or even OMG!!, which was a far better film than PK) in the context of just one religion is confining it to a tiny circle.

True that the movie focused mainly on how Hinduism has been ransacked by Godmen and traditions which are more aimed at money-making than spiritual, but look closely and you find it in every religion.

All religions in their most authentic forms without the time-induced “traditions”  being added for the sake of uniformity, for politicization, and more importantly, convenience has diluted them. To speak about any other religion other than Islam would be wrong. First, because of the ideological difference and second, because I know comparatively more about my religion than the rest. Comparatively, is the word here.

When you notice people thronging mazaars (Sufi Shrines like Ajmer), it is the general tendency to associate it with Muslims and Islam. The question arises, whether it actually is or not?

Islam is a monotheistic religion. Muslims only believe in the concept of One True God, i.e. Allah and any associations or comparison is not part of it. So, to put it just, you are to ask for all your needs from Allah. Through all your prayers, you communicate with Allah, place your needs and desires before him, and expect him and only him to fulfill it. It is that belief, a true connection gets established. Everything depends on your intention and your belief that it is only Allah who can fulfill it.

There is a sizable chunk of Muslims, who visits mazaars, (Indian Subcontinent) and tries to bridge the connection through the saints to speedily make their desires and needs fulfilled. I have heard many Muslims term this as zarriya (pathway) to Allah, and the saints do sifarish (recommendation) for these prayers.

Now, many (includes many of my close relatives who might frown upon me saying this) follow this path. While there are others, who consider this as shirk (Establishing partners with Allah). I can go and express my views on this, but for now, it is not relevant, and for many, it will be difficult to comprehend.

These mazaars are a place where you buy some sweets to be put up for niyaaz (or fateha) inside mazaars. Practices range from placing a chaadar (piece of cloth) over their mausoleum (burying place of the saint). Some even say, they are not dead and have just put up a veil from the world. Although Islam clearly mentions “Kullu nafsin, zaikatul maut” meaning every living being has to taste death.

Now, are these part of Islam? In my opinion, it is not. But people still do it. Muslims still always follow these practices.

I don’t even want to add about terrorism and its misinterpretation of Jihaad. 

As a Muslim and a believer, should I not try to bring out these practices which are not part of my religion but are being followed or people are being made to follow by the so-called moulanas ??

Now, consider the same situation for the plot of the movie PK, which focuses largely on the Hindu side of the story. Of how the religion has ended up being connected to a “wrong number” by these babas.

Is your protest driven by the fact that it is a Muslim Aamir khan portraying PK. Why single out PK, when you had Paresh Rawal playing almost the same and even more serious character in OMG!!?

Believe me, writing this line about Aamir sounded ridiculous to me. But then have heard many points to this very angle for the film’s plot.

If you protest that your religious belief about Hinduism has been hurt, then I’ll stand by you to make sure that PK or for that matter any other movie doesn’t do so again. But if your protest is based on why Only Hinduism, then please little re-think and view the whole issue in the larger context.

Religion doesn’t need Godmen but people who become men of God and form a connection with the Almighty. Who is it in your case? The God or these Babas or maulanas?


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  1. One must understand that cinema is a form of entertainment. On topic of religion, what I could never understand is what exactly is a religious sentiment and how it is hurt. If I believe in some God how does it matter what other person says about it? Belief and religion I think is personal, it is when it becomes political or communal all the problems arise. And yes you interpreted the movie the way I did. Respect!

    • We live in a setup which promotes intermingling ideas and life-style. We may be rational, but there are many for whom this is “offensive”.
      If I remember correctly, the same hue and cry was there during Vishwaroopam, although there was nothing offensive about any religion.
      We should all stand up whenever any irrelevant issues dominate our society and nation.

  2. Lovely post but HELL HELLO! I have NEVER come across a TRUE Maulana who says one should visit mazaars! PLEASE edit it!! Don’t blame the whole farm because of some rotten worms!

    Loved this post 😀 …accept for the Maulanas bit! >_<

    I am saying this again, please get accustomed to some good maulanas… they are NOT even CLOSE to bad or rotten minded… except for some yes!! 🙂

    • Well just as you term some maulanas as “True”, there are people, who term their maulana as “true” as well.
      Same applies to different babas, pastors as well.

      My view is to find the direct connection with the almighty.Of course, we should listen to the learned, take inspiration and try to follow and learn the religion. But whose definition of true maulana you should believe in ?

      I’ve listned to many maulanas of different tabkas, and their views are very different on many points of Islam.

      Islam tells us to invest time in learning Quran.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. minhaaj

    Why there is no option to post it on fb?

    • There is. In case you’re not able to find, copy the URL (from your browser) and share it on facebook.

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