An Idiots’ Love Story: the First moment #2 (500 Words)

You are beautiful..” I exclaimed through my reveries, looking at her. She was looking towards the professor and I, towards her. She carelessly turned her head towards me, with the brownish braids and that zulf being parked shabbily above the eyes in contrast to the systematically arranged hairs she had as she turned. Her eyes looked in the direction where I was standing. Standing and gazing at her.

Did she hear what my mind whispered within itself?

I turned my attention to what the teacher was teaching. Knowing well, that the attention was not in the direction where my eyes were. There was a slight, even the slightest chance of her looking this way, towards me; I hesitated to look straight into her deep hazy eyes. Eyes, which won’t let me stare into them without being appreciative of them, demanding they were.

She looked like this. Each time, I lay my eyes on her. From the first day when I saw her, to this day when I again do. Not much had changed. I knew nothing then, and what I know now, is close to that nothing. She is that puzzle that I haven’t been able to solve. Not because of the level of difficulty that it thrusts upon, but each time I sit to complete it, a new piece is added onto it.

Her name was Zakia. Pure. And yes, she was. As pure as anything that I haven’t seen with my eyes.

I remember her wearing a sequined grey salwar kameez , with a chunni laced with beads and embroidery and yet perhaps the soft cotton with which they were made of, kept it flowing away, while she carelessly walked away. It was the first day in college, for me and for her.

There are times when you feel it, something that cannot be expressed and yet felt like a bolt hitting you right there inside your chest. You get the pain, pain which lingers around for a while till she flashes past you. That was the moment. The first moment.

In an age of social networking, its’ pretty amusing for one not being active on any of these platforms. But then, there I was. A novice at this art of Facebooking as what they called it as. I was always like, “what’s the point?” and more importantly never felt like joining it, had better things to do than waste myself on something idiotic as these.

But, now I was in the middle of something more idiotic than anything else.

After cajoling one of my friends to let me use his account, and a little help from the same lad, who happen to be one of the “addicts” on these, I searched on her with help from Zafar. Didn’t took us much time, to actually locate her, and as was evident many from the college were already in her “friends’ list”. Now, as was told to me that this friend list is just virtual social decorum that one follows and doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Of course, I wasn’t listening. A tinge of jealousy laded on an idiotic me was what getting sprinkled on my confused face.

[For the first part, click here ]

As narrated by the Idiot, with minimum exaggerations and enhanced expressions. For further development keep waiting. 


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