They say the film cannot be better than the book. “Kai Po Che” is one movie that proves otherwise.

Although, I must add the bar was not raised that high by Chetan bhagat in his book, “3 mistakes of my life”, on which the movie is based.

kai po che movie review

“Kai po che” is a Gujarati term used in Kite flying. When someone cuts a kite, thsi expression is cried out in excitement. The movie tries to co-relate this with the bond of friendship and their ups and downs.

Introducing Sushat Singh Rajput and starring a young cast, comprising of RajKumar Yadav, Amit Sadh and Amrita Puri being the female lead, the film is seriously one of the best offerings of this year.

The film, as the name is from, is based in Gujarat and the story revolves around three childhood friends and their ambitions. Govind (Raj Kumar Yadav), is someone who wants to be something big and has huge entrepreneurship goals but money is something that he falls short of to start off.  Ishant (Sushant singh rajput) is a cricket-crazy lad, who was a district level cricketer too, but failed to make it further and Omi (Amit sadh), son of panditji whose mama(uncle), played by Manav kaul, always tries him to pull him in the Saffron party-fold of which he is a part of.

With family expectations and eyes on future, their business idea starts off with a sports equipment and cricket coaching centre , where Ishaan gives cricket coaching. Sabarmati Sports centre kicks off quite nicely, although to start it off they had to take help from Omi’s mama who belonged to a hindutva-ideology supported party. On Ishaan’s request, Govind, a part-time tutor had to take private tuitions for Divya (Ishaan’s sister played by Amrita puri). With an “over-active” and good looking student and with the Bro-code to keep intact, being the teacher becomes tough.

Even with issues, their lives were flying like a kite, but with an earthquake and a subsequent Hindu-Muslim riot, things turn ugly. With nature and situations taking regular tests of their ideologies, thinking, ambitions and more importantly friendship, they try to steer their kite. The film is all about that.

It raises a lot of issues in just a 2-hour stretch of a movie and its treatment is something that Abhisek kapoor has done brilliantly, with the cast giving it great support. Sushant Singh Rajput makes a great entry to the silver screen by being natural yet affirmative. Raj kumar yadav, whom we had seen in smaller roles before, makes a case for him by being the shy and low-key Govind. While, Amit sadh and Amrita puri too, do a commendable job in the movie.  It’s not just the lead characters that fill in the movie, but actors like Manav kaul and Asif Basra who pitch in with performances.

The film doesn’t try to overdo anything and that is what stands out. The hindu-muslim equation and its complexities are depicted in a sensible manner without much drama. The sweetness of the story dealt with innocence is something that you would bring back, although there aren’t enough dialogues for which one can say the same. The music by Amit trivedi is amazing, with all the songs helping build the flow instead of being any sort of distraction. He is sure to give A.R rahman run for his money in the future.

Scenes involving cricket, are a treat to watch and instead of being any melodramatic, one enjoys it. The last scene, where Ishaan’s favorite student plays the cricketing shot in Team India colors, is something that is sure to make your eyes go wet.

A 4-out-of-5 for Abhisek kapoor’s Kai po che, which takes you back to Dil chahta hai and Rock on!!

A treat in the offing!!