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Top 10 Bollywood movies for 2016

Here’s my list of top 10 Bollywood movies for the year 2016!

Bollywood had an average year as far as blockbuster successes are concerned. But I am happy that most filmmakers tried to come up with something new. Hope to see more of that effort work its way in 2017 as well.

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10. Udta Punjab:

Abhishek Chaubey’s Udta Punjab brings parallel stories converging onto the drug menace in punjab. With powerful performances from Alia Bhat, Shahid Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh, this movie, even with a few glaring issues gets the message across.

9. Sultan:

Ali Abbas Zafar’s Sultan is a film made with a big heart. Even with melodramatic freedom that one can expect from a Salman-starrer, the film was an entertaining love story with wrestling as its backdrop. One of those rare Salman Khan movies where you see him making dedicated effort. Also starring Anushka Sharma, Sultan was a family entertainer.

8. Dear Zindagi

Reema Kagti’s Dear Zindagi belongs to Alia who shoulders the movie all on her own. The vibe that this girl brings along is magical, the therapy sessions in help, not only Alia but the Audience as well. Shahrukh Khan plays an extended cameo which definitely adds value to the film and anchors the movie to a feel-good tag.

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7. Ae dil hai mushkil

Heartbreaks are the USPs of a good love story. Add a dose of unequivocal love as the central theme and you have a story that clicks. Ae Dil hai Mushkil does just that. The time when the hero leaves with his bag, as firecrackers burst in the sky, with teary eyes and an Arijit Singh song in the background. You get the picture, don’t you?

It will be very MUSHKIL for your DIL to not like this.

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6. Aligarh

Hansal Mehta’s Aligarh brings out one of the best performances this year from manoj Bajpai. The movie talks about the real life issue of Homosexuality and how an Aligarh professor was suspended after a sting operation. With the amazingly talented Rajkumar Rao playing the role of a journaist who befriends Manoj in the movie, this film was powerful.

5. Parched

Leena Yadav’s Parched, on the outset appears to be heavy “art” which might put off a lot of viewers who don’t watch similar content. However, the movie even when touching dark and grim topics, keeps tight on an engaging storyline. The three female leads, Radhika Apte, Tanishka Mukherjee and surprisingly Surveen Chawla, do a phenomenally good job.

4. Neerja:

Ram Madhvani’s Neerja is an amazingly crafted Biopic that brought to light Neerja Bhanots story to light. I’ll admit, I just don’t like Sonam Kapoor. But in Neerja, she definitely impressed. Shabana Azmi, as Sonam’s mother, just wells up your eyes with her sincerity to the role.

3. Dangal:

It’s an Aamir Khan film. Enough said. Right from the start when the trailer dropped, it looked awesome and it sure was. The detailing in terms of wrestling and culmination of numerous issues in the framework of wrestling was beautiful. The young actors portraying the Phogat Sisters on whose life the film is based were the true heroes of the film. Director Nitesh Tiwari has done a fab job.

2. Pink

Pink is a movie which makes you think not just while you’re watching it unfold but is also something which remains with you long after you’ve left the theater. It’s a must watch for all men, all women, and even the grownup kids to realize why “NO means NO”. It strikes hard where it should.

[Here my review of Pink]

1. Kapoor and Sons

Shakun Batra’s Kapoor & Sons was a flawless emotional adventure which is filled with some amazing light hearted moments that will press the nostalgic buttons in your head and make you laugh and cry at the same time. Yes, it’s perfect. I even ended up giving it a 5/5. For me this was 2016’s best movie.

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Special mention: Akshay Kumar’s Airift

And when we finally got our SRK back in Fan

And of course the amazing MS Dhoni on-screen

Which of these were your favorites ? Let me know in the comments.

Kai Po Che Movie Review

They say the film cannot be better than the book. “Kai Po Che” is one movie that proves otherwise.

Although, I must add the bar was not raised that high by Chetan bhagat in his book, “3 mistakes of my life”, on which the movie is based.

kai po che movie review

“Kai po che” is a Gujarati term used in Kite flying. When someone cuts a kite, thsi expression is cried out in excitement. The movie tries to co-relate this with the bond of friendship and their ups and downs.

Introducing Sushat Singh Rajput and starring a young cast, comprising of RajKumar Yadav, Amit Sadh and Amrita Puri being the female lead, the film is seriously one of the best offerings of this year.

The film, as the name is from, is based in Gujarat and the story revolves around three childhood friends and their ambitions. Govind (Raj Kumar Yadav), is someone who wants to be something big and has huge entrepreneurship goals but money is something that he falls short of to start off.  Ishant (Sushant singh rajput) is a cricket-crazy lad, who was a district level cricketer too, but failed to make it further and Omi (Amit sadh), son of panditji whose mama(uncle), played by Manav kaul, always tries him to pull him in the Saffron party-fold of which he is a part of.

With family expectations and eyes on future, their business idea starts off with a sports equipment and cricket coaching centre , where Ishaan gives cricket coaching. Sabarmati Sports centre kicks off quite nicely, although to start it off they had to take help from Omi’s mama who belonged to a hindutva-ideology supported party. On Ishaan’s request, Govind, a part-time tutor had to take private tuitions for Divya (Ishaan’s sister played by Amrita puri). With an “over-active” and good looking student and with the Bro-code to keep intact, being the teacher becomes tough.

Even with issues, their lives were flying like a kite, but with an earthquake and a subsequent Hindu-Muslim riot, things turn ugly. With nature and situations taking regular tests of their ideologies, thinking, ambitions and more importantly friendship, they try to steer their kite. The film is all about that.

It raises a lot of issues in just a 2-hour stretch of a movie and its treatment is something that Abhisek kapoor has done brilliantly, with the cast giving it great support. Sushant Singh Rajput makes a great entry to the silver screen by being natural yet affirmative. Raj kumar yadav, whom we had seen in smaller roles before, makes a case for him by being the shy and low-key Govind. While, Amit sadh and Amrita puri too, do a commendable job in the movie.  It’s not just the lead characters that fill in the movie, but actors like Manav kaul and Asif Basra who pitch in with performances.

The film doesn’t try to overdo anything and that is what stands out. The hindu-muslim equation and its complexities are depicted in a sensible manner without much drama. The sweetness of the story dealt with innocence is something that you would bring back, although there aren’t enough dialogues for which one can say the same. The music by Amit trivedi is amazing, with all the songs helping build the flow instead of being any sort of distraction. He is sure to give A.R rahman run for his money in the future.

Scenes involving cricket, are a treat to watch and instead of being any melodramatic, one enjoys it. The last scene, where Ishaan’s favorite student plays the cricketing shot in Team India colors, is something that is sure to make your eyes go wet.

A 4-out-of-5 for Abhisek kapoor’s Kai po che, which takes you back to Dil chahta hai and Rock on!!

A treat in the offing!!

What it means to be a Farhan Akhtar Fan

The music of a new movie based on rock band was released, the songs were really catchy.

It was the first time that I had got addicted to not one but an entire album.

I was in High school, and I still remember those jamming sessions in the last bench with classmates, where it didn’t mattered how bad one sang. Even I was a singer. Of sorts.
No, really.

One needed to know the lyrics. And I did.

Singing songs of this movie, in classes, in corridors, in playgrounds, on bike rides. To tell you the truth, it was actually and actually shouting. Shouting our lungs out.

If I’d say that the songs were the only reasons for me to get addicted to them, I’d be giving too much credit to Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.  No disrespect. Love their composition.

Another reason was the entry of this new guy, well, not “new” per se.  But yes, new in the avatar of an actor and singer.
Had liked him for his directorial skills in the coming-of-age movie Dil Chahta Hai and then Lakshya, even seen him quite a number of times in chat shows showcasing his good sense of humor.

But you know, back then he was just a director, son of a famous lyricist and story-writer.

What changed things was, Rock ON!! Those long locks gave way to curls of a rockstar and yes, an onscreen rockstar singing in his very own husky voice. Yes, that was Farhan Akhtar and that was the time he added another fan among many. I head-banged my way to the list. I became one of the many die-hard fans of him with Rock on.

farhan's look in rock on

If Rock On marked his debut, along with a relatively new cast and director in Abhishek kapoor, his next venture Luck By Chance marked the debut of his sister Zoya Akhtar in the director’s hat.

Although, the film didn’t do that well at the box office, yet I’d rate it as Farhan’s best performance till date. Each scene of this movie is so etched into my mind, that as soon as the name of the movie pops up, the whole movie, scene by scene slowly plays down before my eyes.
Special mention to this particular scene.
Dimple Kapadia, who is the lead heroine’s mother and a yester-year actress (in the movie) . Farhan, playing a struggling actor, ends up in the success party of a movie. Walks down to Dimple and chats up. He tells her, how he is there in this world because of dimple.
Shockingly, she replies, “What??!!”

And then he explains, that how both his parents ended up together because of both being her fans. As cheesy as the line may sound, it is portrayed pretty well.
And this is not the only scene, there are numerous others too, in this particular movie itself. I advise you, to watch it a.s.a.p if you haven’t done already.

farhan and depika

His next acting installment came with Karthik calling Karthik, where he was paired with Deepika padukone. The film was a psychological thriller and dealt with concept of split personality. Although, the film didn’t do that well in the box office, his chemistry with Deepika was much appreciated and so were the songs in the movie. What I thought of it was, the first half was really great, but in terms of describing the plot in the end, they couldn’t do much justice. Still, a brave attempt.

Zoya Akhtar’s next, starring Farhan-Hrithik-Abhay in Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara, was a breath of fresh air.
Who can forget Imran, which was so easily by Farhan and his poetries? Even the “bagwati” is something that everyone remembers. So much so that, there is a twitter handle dedicated to it too.


Of course, he was not just limited to, his new avatar of acting in one movie. He remade Don, starring Shahrukh Khan, and added his own touch to the cult classic. He even went on to do a sequel to it, which turned out to be another hit for his Excel entertainment. He owns the Excel entertainment, along with his childhood friend Ritesh Sidhwani. All the movies that he has acted in have also been produced by the same. Talash being the last movie to come out from the Excel’s stable. He even came out with a celebrity chat show, “Oye! It’s Friday!!” on NDTV-imagine, which had his trademark style and was really entertaining. How, I wish, he could again come back with that show.

Farhan started his filmography by assisting in movies like “Himalayputra” and “Lamhe”, and he only got his director-writer debut with Dil Chahta hai. If, there is one person in bollywood who is truly versatile then that has to be Farhan. From assisting directors to being a director and writer to being an actor, singer and producer to writing dialogues and lyrics, he has done them all. A jack of all trades, who excels in everything he does.

chat show hosted by farhan

Now, eyes are set on Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, an official autobiography of the legend Milkha singh. The teaser has just blown away the audience. The well chiseled out body has surely taking breaths away, and the whole look of farhan have become the talk of the town. And the movie is months away from release. Wishing all the best to Farhan akhtar, for his next movie and the future which promises to look great with every little thing he does. One of the rare celebs, who does not fear voicing his opinions on any social issues and his tweets bear a healthy testimony to it.

[Read the review of the amazing Bhaag Milkha Bhaag here]

meeting with milkha

chiseled body


Right now, he is relaxing at home after getting a haircut from his hairstylist wife Adhuna and celebrating his birthday with his two lovely daughters.

his wife and two daughters

Here’s wishing him a very happy birthday on his 39th birthday. Farhanaitte for life. 🙂


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[Post Edits: Farhan’s Bhaag Milkha Bhaag became a superhit, and is Wazir is on his way to become another hit]

Jab tak hai Jaan Movie Review

Low expectations always helps. Watched “Jab tak hai jaan” with the same mindset of low expectations. Although my die-hard-SRK-fan siblings, who had already watched the movie, were not helping at all in keeping those expectations low. Still, managed to keep my brains intact before entering the cinema hall.  One of them even said, “You should leave your brain and only go with your heart to watch a Yashraj movie”. Classic, I tell you.

Yeah, Right!

Jab tak hai jaan movie review

What would you expect from a Shahrukh-YashRaj film?? Romance!! right??

Well, you do get that from the script. Flawed, but still the script is designed to be romantic. Film starts off with Shahrukh, in Indian army uniform defusing a bomb, actually successfully defusing (Indian hero, how can you not expect him to diffuse that).

A stubble-carrying SRK looks uber cool.  The poetry recited in his voice is amazing.

Anushka Sharma’s entry is surely a mouth-watering one. She is vivacious and lively in the character of Akira, which she plays. Displaying that “makeup-breakup-generation-girl-attitude” is what she does quite beautifully. Making you smile at the way she goes about her “fitoor” (passion) of filming SRK for her documentary.

In the backdrop runs SRK’s never dying love for Meera (played by Katrina) who tries her best to act apart from looking glamorous. But fails, miserably. Acting is something that you should least expect from her (and I know, you won’t).

The chemistry between Samar (SRK’s character) and Meera is unconvincingly boring. Even with liplocks being planted in between. (Yes, SRK’s first onscreen kiss!!!) But it all looked too unconvincing and the romance that could have actually taken the movie to the level that you do expect from a Yashraj movie falls flat.

Songs are good, if not A.R Rehman-isque but with Shahrukh being the one on whom it was picturised, a Sonu Nigam would have appeared better. Picture a song like heer on an emotionless-katrina!!  Many of these things take some of the magic already away from the songs.

Dialogues are good, but some scenes, especially when SRK angrily challenges God in the church could have reached that Amitabh-God talk in Deewar.

But, even with all these flaws, be it in terms of script, acting, song picturization, etc. what stands out is the man in the centre of it all. The SRK. Delivering a solid performance as someone who is in love. Love which never dies. Each phase that he lives through in the movie makes you connect with his rage, his anger and the reason of all this, his love for Meera. The stubble-look reminds you of Chak-de, and he lives to that performance, although the script does not make him go beyond that.

Shahukh in Jab tak hai jaan

There should always be something that you can take back from a movie, and Jab tak hai jaan will make sure you do. Watch it for the love-struck SRK, the bubbly Anushka and glamourous doll Katrina. There was one joke that was going viral on twitter a few days back, “Human beings love jab tak hai jaan, while Being humans didn’t”. 🙂

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