Post submitted by Pragya Pathak

From the top of the sky to the depth of the sea,
From the chills of winter to the trickling sweat of summers,
That much, yes that much!

There is so much inside, like an unending pool. And I so love it.

This depth which is touched so often, oh it feels so satisfying.
Like there is a black hole of emotions in the center of my chest,
So real, so pure that it is the only thing that makes me feel I am in touch with myself.

I don’t prefer shallow just because it’s apparently safe.
Trust me, when the depth of your soul gets limitless, it’s no more scary. You are vulnerable but not breakable only when it is still measured, your love, your soul, and you yourself.

Oh, I am so sick of the prevalent new-age philosophy.
It teaches you to weigh, it teaches you to test, it teaches you to find logic in love, it teaches you to remain superficial while claiming you are not and protect yourself.
It just stops you from completely being, it just tries to put you in the shape of the vessel which is being considered safe.

Who wants to be in the vessel? Not me.

I want to be in every speck of this beautiful world created by my dearest god.

I want to live so completely that it soothes the itch of my soul.

I want to love with all of my heart, not leaving even an inch of mine out of it.

I want to do everything I do with, all I can.

Oh I have started to love the vulnerability, it gets me in touch with myself.

My cute little fears, my reaction to situations make me laugh at something I am unknowingly sticking myself to which might have happened a long time or a few years back.

It’s a strength to be able to feel every feeling in totality, to be able to see yourself how you are, and to open yourself completely.

Oh dear heart, my dear soul, just be !