In the entrapment of the gloriously shaded world, finding time for your own metamorphosizing self is a struggle. We’re not the only one. The cries of ‘Why me?!’ is the most stupid echo that our pain can shout. Look around. Like, really look, even stare deep into the souls flying around your eyes. In cubicles, in buses which lead you to them, through the open windows of your pooled cars, flowing through the absence of windows of your auto or in the signals, waiting for the change of lights. Look.

You’re no different than them. And, well, they aren’t from you.

Hate them for what you’re not, but the facts, just won’t change. Even if your science to religion ratio varies, you know deep down, you’re all the same. Colors, structures and views, aside. You’re all the bloody same.

In the finite vagaries of lifespan, which won’t take permission from you before it calls it a day, hating is easy. Finding differences is easy. Instinctive, even. But, don’t do easy. Question hate. Question why there is that hate.

It doesn’t matter what you believed. It’ll matter what you can believe. Believe in what makes you the same. Gravitate towards love. You don’t need a moral code for this. You don’t even need a compass to guide you. Or, if you do, find and hold that compass close to you.

Start with people you know. Forgive. Understand perspectives. And, let this feeling grow. Let it seep through your core because that can reflect the positivity you’ll give out.

Yes, I hear you, times when we’re down, when the pain from the actions of others affect us, all of this sounds BS. Outrage is what we all find solace in. Letting it out. And maybe, that’s right too. Let it out. But, come back to it, reflect and question the leftover hate. Don’t let that stay. Not for them, for you.

Reflect. Reflect and ponder on what we did, we do, so that we take better decisions later.