Music from stringed-insruments in the background while the flowers spread themselves on multiple canvases, October seeps into your heart. The story pulls you in; doesn’t drain your emotions but helps you find it scattered around like flowers on the grass early in the morning.

October is beautiful. Written beautifully.

It’s so realistically portrayed and yet makes you feel a new set of emotions as you dwelve into it. It doesn’t demand you to get involved and neither it’ll turn itself into a sob-fest. Rather, it strikes the right chords to not let you go.

The plot of October is not important to talk about. There’s not much there and rightly so. Director Shoojit Sircar’s October isn’t a plot driven film, anyway. Dan (played by Varun Dhawan) goes from being irritated with everything to caring for someone without actually knowing her.

From, ‘Where is Dan?’ to ‘Where is Shiuli?’ is the transition which the plot is about.

Juhi Chaturvedi, who has written Vicky Donor and Piku before, has a completely different script here. One that makes you live the characters’ grief with a few awkward laughs.

There’s no place for loud melodrama, nor overtly expressive emotions in October. The pace and characters move in their own time. You see the transition in all of them. Right from Varun Dhawan, who is really good, to every other character in the movie.

The camera work is very detailed and so is the background score. Uninterfering and yet adding to the flow of October’s poetry at play.

I’d be wrong to say that this movie is for everyone. It is slow. But just the right kind. I loved the movie and pretty sure this will be rewatchable like all of Shoojit and Juhi’s movies.

It’s a 4/5 from me for October. It is meditatingly beautiful.