When you walk into your office while the cleaning staff is lazily sashaying the broom near your desk, the gloomy deserted aura of the floor appears different than normal. The switched-on lights make this space appear cleaner than usual. You get to feel the AC is working. Nothing’s better than this when you’ve cycled to work. Even by early morning standards, the sun is beginning to get hotter.
Summer is here, after all. Even Namma Ooru feels hotter. But the still-blooming flowers does make up for it. Silver Linings.
As the clock ticks, people trickle in, sleepy good morning exchanges can be heard around the bay. Glad that not everyone comes to office on time. You settle in, search for your coffee mug and damn! No hot water to brew yourself a cup of coffee. Not a good way to start your day at work.
Wait. Hate, but wait.
As emails load up on your feed and the numbers tell you stories. Scary ones, and occasionally, the happy ones. The fluctuations there, reflect here. Reports. Sit, create a few more. Wonder who’s creating your reports. Is there a graph capturing the mood points being visualized somewhere? Hashtag Musings. Hashtag Reveries.
Being systematic is a lifelong goal. The files on your desktop, a poor reflection of the lack of achievement for the same. Guess, the ‘lifelong’ is a long way to go. Hashtag Life Goals.
Finally, the water is here. And so are more people. But, hey, Coffee solves a few headaches (at least).