The sounds of these waves, the sand beneath and the moon up above, all so soothingly calming. Like the wind cooling down the days humidity away. Someone’s playing live music in the cafe nearby. All in the background.

I walk down along the horizons of the beach. It’s late and this end of the beach is all for myself. Shared by the waves, their sounds and the sand carpet laid out. But this is okay. I have this to myself.

This right here is one unique experience being added to the list of many. How easy is this to get? An unshared space in your head complemented by the nomadic view of this setting.

It’s scary too. Like the 100 odd things you do for the first time. It’s just so damn difficult to change even when you want to. Even when you know what to change. And yet, you stop. Unwillingly flow the way you’ve always been. The low and high tides, hardly counting as a major upgrade.

The waves crossed their marks in the sand, trickling down my chappals. Surprised.

‘There are things to learn.’ as I head back towards the other side.