Movie Review: Michael Madana Kama Rajan

Just watched Kamal Haasan’s Michael Madana Kama Rajan. Like, is there anyone who can can play multiple characters with such an ease? Even though I don’t understand the language, the tonal shifts in dialects with each of the characters are so perfect.

The basic plot of the movie is about 4 Quadruplets separated at birth. All played by Kamal (like, why not :P)

Even though this is a ‘comedy of errors’, every scenario is so thought of, that finding big loopholes is a rarity. Kudos to the writing (co-written by Kamal Haasan himself) and of course, the screenplay. The scenes are stitched together seamlessly and the comedy is just as far away as the next scene.

Like there’s this scene where 2 of the 4 Quadruplets meet and they’re standing near a mirror. Another character remarks ‘I can see 4 of you, now.’ Just one of the ways to throw in the fact that there are 4 characters with the same face. I mean, subtle, huh!

Illaiyaraja’s music is soothingly perfect along with the storyline where distinctive personalities get songs based on how their story develops. The picturization is
so-early-90s but it is fun to see Kamal Hassan dancing around.

Also, the title song is super catchy. It has subtitles and describes the entire backstory before the movie starts off.


It’s a good comedy to watch. Lots of caricatures in the storyline but each fit into the plot and contributes to taking it forward. My favorite being Kamaraj’s Grandmother-in-law. She is funny and memorable long after you finish watching the movie.

Also, few of the scenes are definitely progressive and make light of things that could easily become ‘offensive’ in today’s India.

‘Michael Madana Kama Rajan’ a good movie to watch and is available on Amazon Prime along with Subtitles. Go watch it.


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  1. Janani

    One of my favourites! Wished you understood the dialogues. This is one more movie of Kamal’s where comedy is in the dialogues!
    Glad you liked it!!

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