Every time. Every time when I’m traveling out of the city, I end up forgetting a thing or two.

Of course, when you don’t have your Ammi shouting in your ears to pack, forgetting a few things is quite normal.

Who packs an hour before leaving to catch their bus ?

*raises hands*

This time it’s my earphones!

At least, that’s the only thing I remember not bringing along. Till now.

There was that feeling of ‘I’ve forgot something’ as soon as I walked out of the door. Halfway towards the bus stop and then it struck.


It’s easier to manage without a lot of things. But earphones ? Especially when you have a load of people talking as if it’s their living room. The shady lights of the bus, ain’t helping either.

I’ve forcefully got myself accustomed to buses but once in a while, the irritation comes back. This is one of those times. My fat backpack didn’t fit upar and is infringing on my legspace.

Yes, I am pretty excited about the trip. Anxious too.

I do hate not bringing in my earphones but maybe, I’ll be able to read the book I kept as a travel token. Maybe.

Maybe I’ll also forget a few other things here before I return. And it won’t be a bad thing. Maybe.

Anyways, Beaches, here I come.