As soon as the bus entered the hustle of Bengaluru. I was like, Finally! It was close to 2 hour late and the journey was not very comfortable, to put it sensibly. 

That feeling of taking a proper shower in your own bathroom is unmatched. Familiarity is a sucker!

As the day went by, and I ended up in office before my scheduled ‘arrival’to a few, ‘Woah! You’re before time, today’ greets and with an evident tan,work and meetings piled up. 

Excitedly describing the trip to my colleague. Singular. Because, number of people I hang out at office. Duh!

As I motioned back home, peddaling back home, I missed the beach. The noise. The Water and even the damn sun. Okay, not that sun. A little, perhaps. 

I’m certain, I’ll head back to Gokarna on a whim. Like I’d do with Varkala or Fort Kochi. The vibe. 

The beach. The rocks. The trek. And even Zostel. 

I wanted to write the Travelogue right away, before I add another one to the “drafts”, but I Gokarna tells me, be a little Laidback. Chill kar, thoda.