It’s funny right,  when you seek solitude,  you struggle to find it.  When it’s available at your disposal,  you find it repelling.

Your Introvert-cum-wannabe-extrovert self just cannot decide what you truly want.

Whether you just want to shut out the world and do nothing.  Or to shout along with the world’s company.

Or maybe find the nothing among the crowd or find company in solitude.

Life’s continued mystery.

On one moment you rue past decisions and on the other you’re happy that you had the courage to take them.  The missed chances seem God’s way of doing it right for you.

While telling yourself that “everything happens for the  better” keeps you content.  Not being able to keep it off from your head is a struggle.  The struggle is real.

Sometimes going back isn’t what you want.  Sometimes even when you want to,  you cannot.

Future is uncertain.  Present is a struggle.  While past wants you to only remember the good things.  Be selective.

You seek people who get you.  But you don’t find them.  The ones you do,  don’t seek you.

You question things.  You answer them yourself.  You’re left with more of the former.

They never end.  The questions.