It’s past midnight. Sitting on my staircase-cum-Balcony and yet the world around still seems to shout.

The unmistakable noise. All around.

The roaring engines of the nightcrawlers to the dogs barking at everyone passing through.

The fluttering flag in the church and the tree leaves waved around by the wind adding tunes to the song of the broom which the grandma cleaning the veranda downstairs plays.

The TV blaring noise (Read News) to the loud kitchen conversation and the baby giving their parents a hard time or the guys with a guitar.

All of it. One at a time. And together.

My cravings for that perfect silence smirks at me with a shrewd noise.

Maybe learning to ignore these sounds , the noise is the way. To get lost in my old reveries and not be bothered about anything is what I should consider. Except the noise in my head which doesnt have a button to turn off.

Maybe I’ve learnt to ignore. Or maybe I’m still learning. Like thousand other things.

“…and then there was silence” might just be part of my revering thoughts. Or maybe my eventual end.