With cups of leftover Coffee, plastic containers from the Ali’s (the new go-to delivery restaurant), Plates and utensils which keep finding themselves into the kitchen sink, all staring at me.



The procrastination ends when there ain’t any cups left to use.

With the scrubber and dishwashing liquid bringing in their cleaning charm to get rid of stains left for days. The peculiar smell of long kept utensils just gets absorbed and washed away.

No, this isn’t a subtle way to promote my dishwashing liquid by making it a hero.

This is about that scrubber. The scrubber which doesn’t get the credit for cleaning this all up. The attention grabbing fancy liquid in the bottle steals the show. The scrubber just stays in the background doing the work and making the hero out of the liquid. Absorbing the dirt, stains and everything stuck there, braving the tap water running down on it and cleaning them up. Each plate, each cup and utensils, cleaned and stacked on the side.

Once it’s all done, one extra wash and all the absorbed dirt from the scrubber gets washed away so easily.

Days on days. Weeks. And months too pass by. One can easily notice the weariness of the scrubber. It finally starts giving in. Until it gets replaced. All its effort to clean up, literally goes down the drain. Somewhere.

We are the scrubbers. Just that we are just absorbing. The bad, and even the good of our lives. We wish to be cleaned up. Pressed a reset button to start all over again just like the scrubber. But we don’t get someone who can help us do that. So we just stick around.