We are trying to kid ourselves when we wish for the unachievable perfection. Feeding the wishfully constructed optimism with tales of our perfect lives. Perfect Selves. Perfect World.

We don’t know where we are headed. Our directionless lives are yet to be updated on Google maps. Our quest to hear, “Your destination is on your right”, is hardly right. It’s not even left. We are just left directionless.

We are clueless about life. A mystery we like to create our own versions of. We think we’ve got the definition. Still, Clueless.

We follow the herd. Damn! We are the herd. Even when we try to peek out to get attention. We follow others, others follow us. The Cycle. The herd.

We answer to questions that aren’t important. We don’t know how to ask the right questions. We fear asking the questions. We are afraid of those answers.

We get frustrated over issues which we won’t remember the next day. We search for things to crib about. We get frustrated when we are not frustrated.

We look for indulgences. Our preferred solution to all our lives’ problems. The unsatisfied urge keeps us hooked onto the queues of new indulgences.

We regret mistakes. But we don’t learn. We push them in the loop to be repeated again.

Where are we going wrong ?