A Happy Day

Coffee, Pondicherry


With a mug of coffee by my side, resting this old laptop on my lap and comforting my bums on this bean bag, I start off writing.

Quantifying the time since I last wrote a blog, would be a strained exercise on my teeny tiny brain, and I’m in no mood to spoil this wonderful day. The weather is bangalorean. Oh yes, we now use it as an adjective for a pleasant weather, of course.

To those celebrating, happy Ganesh Chaturthi. And for others like me, who had a holiday, this happens to be a particularly good day. On most occasions, a holi’day’ gets spoiled by a late night (early morning, I mean) tv-series marathon. The next day when you wake up, it is either about rushing to meet your pals or getting the pending household chores done. A holiday hardly remains one.

For Starters, I slept in the Prime Meridian time zone. Woke up to the usual office time alarm and gifted myself another 2 hours of extra sleep. Bonus!

Cleaned up the entire place along with the roomie, troubling him to take part in this exercise as well. Followed it up with Chicken Biryani, delivered by Swiggy (Surprisingly, on Time). Good day, Isn’t ?

Days like these are pretty rare. Weekends, come with plans. These weekday holidays, are kinda blessings. Gives back energy to continue with work life. In my case, a much needed one. The new office, seems to have a lot of work. (Interesting work, thankfully). Cycling close to 20km in total over a day, and battling the Bangalore traffic through those seven gears, is indeed another tiring process.

But for all the troubles, there is a feeling of being content. Being happy for all the things one is blessed with. We all trouble ourselves with reaching destinations, and in that simply ignore the journey. It would be terrible to not be able to reach our destinations, but imagine not even enjoying the journey ?

Happiness is in little moments. Small packages. When I crawl out my way through traffic, while others wait for the green. I’m happy that I’m cycling. When at the end of a tough day at work, I have something that I can say I learnt. I’m happy. There are so many things one can be happy about, and yet we force ourselves to ignore those and focus on the things we can crib about.

Let us learn to be happy. Have a happy day, everyone.


To you, the hypocritical Nationalists.


I’m not sorry that I eat Beef


  1. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

    Happiness is like this..small moments….a little smile or a good book…:-)

    • mohammadfarooq

      Indeed it is. How well we collect all these and live, defines our happiness.

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