There are times when you feel bad about saying something. More so, when people take it the wrong way. You actually start judging yourself on those things. Accusations, doubts and then you finally indulge in guilt. Only to keep introspecting and making your day go from bad to worse.

It is in those little sentences and words that you can offend someone or that someone can offend you too. It has never been said any better, words coming out of mouth can never be taken back.

Advice is one such thing. We should keep plenty of it for ourselves. Hoard it. Pack it and just set it aside somewhere. Never distribute it to others. Because the truth is my friend, No one cares.

The day is about to end. Someone else seeks advice. My advice. I’m hesitant. Should I keep it stored? Should I just listen and nod along in solidarity when that someone requests me for something which won’t affect me even if you empty the coffers!!

Advice, we all give out regularly. Of course, sometimes we overdo it. Sometimes, the other person just doesn’t give a shit to listen to that and sometimes we are of the belief that this might be of some help. It is not about recalling something in retrospect to proclaim, “I told you so”. Or maybe it is. It is all Grey.

Seeking advice..

Finally behind all this melodramatic thoughts enjoy the fulcrum of my tiny brain, I give out what they seek. Like a good friend, in the best of spirit. The way I always do. Isn’t that is what friends are for? Gove out advice which they themselves don’t follow through ever? Yes, I’m that friend. Don’t listen to the sweet talk which I do, but remember I would just like you to not tread the path which I didn’t liked. Knowing well, you might just do the same. After all, you’re my friend right?

What I learnt today is, what the other person values, remains important. Whether they value you the way, you do or not. It is this realization, which takes a while to sink in. But hopefully with a nights’ sleep and the extra box of pizza lying around before I sleep, will be of some help.

Now, you don’t advise me on eating too much of pizza!