Interstellar: My Review

Cast: Mathew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain

Director: Christopher Nolan

Runtime:170 Minutes

There are movies. And then there are Nolan’s movies.

Watching Interstellar is like layers of detailed awesomeness, which you peel off slowly. You get to see some and you go, Wow!! But wait, you get more of it repeatedly, one after the other. That is Nolan’s magic for you, wrapped up beautifully. Opening in front of your eyes.

Interstellar is about a lot of things. It is about space-time travel. It is about promises. It is about the quantifiable power of love. And it is about faith. All of this scattered across the plot, finally shaping up to be one fine storyline.

Interstellar movie review

The story is about a engineer-turned-farmer, Mathew McConaughey(Playing Cooper), apparently in future we ran out of food, and how a quest for life outside the earth leads him to abandon his family to go for the mission. Accompanied by a few others, including Anne Hathaway, for the voyage across a newly discovered wormhole to ascertain life outside the dying Earth. But is this so simple? When it’s a Nolan movie, it doesn’t end there.

There is the ultimate father-daughter bond which is the most pivotal part of the movie. Apart from space exploration, it is also about exploring grey areas of personal sacrifices and how it translates across individuals.

It would be wrong to assume that this was an out-and-out entertainer; it slags in a few scenes, mostly in the first half and takes an effort to fully grasp the 5th dimension realities towards the audience. But then again, this is a Nolan’s movie and the audience is of the same kind.

Mathew McConaughey is brilliant in the portrayal of Cooper, the engineer. Murrph played by Jessica Chastain is a class act as well. The film is detailed, not just in its physics (a lot of it) as well as the portrayal of the galactic and space realities involved.

I’m going with a 4/5 for Chritopher Nolan’s Interstellar, it isn’t a movie but an experience of excellence. Don’t miss this.


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  1. Bushra

    Looks like a cool film… Will wait for its torrent. Nice review!

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