A clean glass container filled with water, clean water, you see bubbles. That represents clarity. Nothing explains it better. You drop even a small pebble, a small part of anything which doesn’t dissolve and it simply wanders. You watch it, move around, forming symmetries and asymmetries all along. That small pebble disturbs your view of the clear water. A distracted view and missing clarity.

Imagine more of those pebbles jumping in. More distractions. Less clarity. Life is not very different. Unwelcome guests knock on your door and there’s simply no choice for you but open the door.

Pebbles or problems keep jumping in from time to time. We jostle for space to get back that view. That very same clarity.

Alas! there’s no one way to actually achieve this. The inflow of unwanted pebbles will never stop. But this does not mean we never try. The quest for clarity is the single most important things we should be running after.

Life through its various facets gives us that chance to seek answers. It is not necessary to go to the Himalayas to attain the same. You can find it, in between a very crowded market, or a park where all you hear are the birds chirping. You can find it while traveling, standing on the door of a train or bobbing your head out of the window in a moving bus or even while riding a bike too.

Answers are everywhere. Clarity too is somewhere there. It’s there if you want it to be.

There are lots of pebbles and probably lots of questions to be answered to. But hopefully, at the end of it, we can look back and say, yes!! We tried.