Staring at this word doc for over a minute, while thinking of something totally different from it all, finally type down something. It still takes effort to get back to writing, whatever and whenever I want. The old schedule and flow just seems to be missing. Well there are of course numerous reasons, but instead of boring you out with the innumerable sad tales of my life, I’ll just share with you some odd happenings in and around me. (Not sure whether you’ll find that interesting though).

Early Sunday Morning. It just doesn’t even properly sound like something of value to me. Early Morning itself is nothing short of a punishment. Anyways, here I am.  And here is Sunday.

A typical Sunday for me generally wouldn’t have even started by now. Maybe this would be the time, I’ll be clearing out my way to clean up the bed and sleep after extended hours of either watching some random movie or any of those Tv series on which I would be hooked onto. No. No such thing in a little while.

It is just a little calm. Excessively calm and yet uneasy. The chirping of the birds, the coughing of the security guard who would finally like to call off for the day, after adjusting himself to sleeping on a chair the whole night of course.

Speaking of sleep and adjustments, a little disorder has crept in my system and the reason for the same can definitely be awarded to this factor called Overthinking. This one never leaves your side, even when others seem to do their own shifts then and now.

There are loads of things to rue about and even more to crib upon, but as strange as it may sound. I don’t feel like doing it. I won’t give out some of the positivity crap out to you, but would definitely state that not thinking negatively is better. Maybe that is how things are going to be. You learn from your mistakes and if you just won’t repeat them, than the things might just improve.

Apart from very important things, I have actually never been persistent towards anything. And now, when I’m trying to be, because there are things that to me, actually appear to be worth it, it just amazes me that it is really difficult. Someone said to me once, “Nothing can be served to you on a platter” and hence I tried to convince people to cook and I’ll go ahead with even self service as long as I get it. but then why would anything go as I want, eh ?

Phew!! Trying not to crib is just not my thing I guess. (I still ended up doing it).

Wish you a great Sunday guys!!