Cast: Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakrabarty, Aditi rao hydari

Director: Anthony D’souza

Runtime: 150 Minutes

Boss surely has a good star-cast to boast off, the storyline isn’t weak for starters and the actors don’t let you down either. But its’ not as rosy as it sounds, too much of sanskar-laden dialogues, the 60’s masala twists with comedy to make it look cool and simply nothing new on the platter to entertain you. Boss, simply put is another level of boredom inducing capsule which you take to remind yourself that you still watch the typical bollywood movie, which tries to make too much sense.

boss movie review

One good thing about Akshay Kumar, who plays Boss in this remake of South hit Pokkiri Raja, is that he doesn’t repeat the mindless movie acting that he has regularly been associated with, but then this is obviously not some great improvement as such.  One parkour sequence looks better than the hero-does-it-single-handedly fight stunts scattered around the length.

The long list of actors include Mithun Chakraborty who plays the dad of Boss (Akshay Kumar), Balraj Sahni (his uncle), Shiv Pandit (his brother), Danny denzongpa (Big Boss to our Akki boss), Ronit roy (Playing the bad cop), Aditi Rao hydari (Playing the love interest of Shiv and sister to Ronit roy) and although, you cannot individually find faults with any of them, yet collectively they seem to be a misfit in some order.

Ronit roy, although is one shining star of the movie, doing full justice to the kind of role he was made to portray. He can be real bad, and he leaves no stone unturned in achieving the same. Actors like Johny lever and Sanjay mishra were wasted, where they could have brought in the comic element act just as fillers.

The background music is terrible in visually syncing certain emotional scenes as well as in making the action-packed scenes become interesting. The songs are not only mis-placed but only try to somehow bring up the dancer in Akshay out (No, don’t search for it, you won’t find it).

Anthony D’Souza, as director does makes the actors, who are masters of their craft act, but fails to stitch it up and fails in this big department. And the dialogue and Screenplay team doesn’t help either.

The movie isn’t a comedy, or action or even drama but tries hard to fit in bits of everything. The dialogues are perhaps copied from movies and soap operas of yesteryears and been put in, because the ones coming out from the character’s mouth, surely makes you want an aspirin to ward of the headache from the sanskar-overdose.

It’s better not to indulge in something which has nothing exciting to it and with a length of 2 hours and 30 minutes, takes a lot of effort for you to take interest in what is going on the screen.

I’m going with 1.5/5 for Akshay Kumar starrer Boss. Worth a Miss.