“Have a seat” said the HR manager to one of the candidates he was interviewing. The guy who was all nervous, even the comfortable cushiony chair could not help him relax.

“Hot seat” was the term given to the contestant’s seat in the popular Kaun Banega Crorepati (an adapted version of “Who wants to be a millionaire). A life changing sum can be won by the person who could adjust his bum on these, keep his cool and answer some question to earn the moolah.
“Sit Down” says the teacher in the class to a student, who had been standing there because of some mischief he might have done, and the poor student heaves a sigh of relief.
Sometimes, it’s very comforting to get a seat, but sometimes even the comfort isn’t enough.
Bas ek seat ki to baat hai bhai..
Local train or even general compartments in the Indian trains are amusing; one not only comes across strange and different experiences but also ends up becoming a part of the whole crowd.  I happened to go to the Railway station after almost 2 months and remembered the old times when railway station used to be my second home.
Anyways, what I wanted to talk about was how there was this constant struggle going on for seats, everywhere. You always want the best seats for yourself, be it a bus or train, or a theatre or café. One even fights for the seats, in politics, in classroom, in offices, everywhere. You hear cases of student suicide and you are baffled as to why.
Bas ek seat ki hi to baat hai bhai…
Sometimes you get one, sometimes you don’t.  Sometimes, we are not able to do justice to the opportunity of getting that seat. But what matters is giving 100% in order to do whatever you really want. Go and get seated only when you really feel like doing. Do things, which you really want to, no matter how stupid it may sound. Life is about making mistakes and learning from them.  It may be possible that you will have to stand in that bus without getting the seat, but remember
bas ek seat ki to baat hai bhai….