Force 2 Review: Nothing works except the action

One particular scene straight out of counter-strike, where John Abraham beats up the baddies while constantly exchanging guns as he runs out ammo, is amazingly well-shot. This POV-sequence can make you feel as if you’re in control. Apart from this, there are quite a few seriously good action scenes spread across the film.

Alas! That’s all the good stuff that one can talk about this movie. The soul of this movie lies in action and it hardly moves an inch beyond that.

The storyline allows Force 2, the sequel to the John Abraham-Genelia starrer Force, to bring sub-plots within the main plot. However, in an attempt to do so, they deviate from the central plot.
John Abraham’s friend who happens to be a RAW agent gets killed and like the usual practice, government disowns him. Now, John is out there to catch the man who orchestrated it all. However, you never feel the angst of the hero to take revenge from it. Although there is a lot of effort invested by John and is clearly visible. The reason Force worked because of the “revenge saga” and that ultimate fight between John and Vidyut Jamwal.

There is no need of Sonakshi in the movie. Literally no need of her. You can eliminate her from the film and there won’t be any effect on the storyline. I bet you can cut out the scenes from the movie and it’ll still be the same. Not that she doesn’t act well but she’s as useless to the plot as any Vestigial Organ is to the human body.

While it is important to develop the character of the villain to make things interesting, just lending screen time does not mean doing that. Going by the image of our “Mumbai police” no-nonsense approach of John, it is baffling that he can listen to so much blabbering and not smack the hell out of him. At least as an audience, I felt like smacking him to make him shut up! In the prequel, Jamwal’s character made the role his own. However, in this case, Tahir Bhasin, couldn’t add that extra dimension to his character.

The movie has been shot well and is worthy of a good action movie. But you so wished they would have tightened the plot. Even though the movie isn’t very long, the presence of multiple storylines fitted into it,you’ll end up feeling it’s too much.
The force sequel isn’t worth your money if you are not an action movie fan. Unless you can watch a movie for its action sequences, you can definitely skip this one.

I’m going with 1.5/5 for Force 2. An extra .5 just for action.


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  1. My husband and I were toying with the idea of watching it. Thanks for saving our five-hundred-bucks!

  2. Watched it today and was planning a post on it.

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