Creed Movie Review: It’s not a Rocky movie, but a Rocky Movie.


We’ve all seen how every Rocky movie starts off. Right ?

With a recap fight from the previous one!

Well, Creed doesn’t do that. Why? Because, it isn’t about Rocky. It starts with Creed, played by Michael B Jordan, fighting it out in a correctional facility for juveniles. Yes, the Baby Creed, the kid born out of an affair of Rocky’s nemesis-turned-friend Appolo Creed. The junior Creed ends up getting a home at Appolo Creed’s wife, Mary Anne’s and the story unfolds. [In case these characters don’ ring a bell, check out the first Rocky Movie]

Creed movie review


Plot of the movie:

Growing up to fight his way into building his own identity through boxing, Creed tries to get the very old and reluctant Rocky onboard to train him. The scene where Rocky gives him a few tips on paper, and the tech-savvy Creed plays smart is nicely done.

The fights, which have been the central plot of all Rocky’s movies and yet mostly about everything else. In Creed, the fight scenes are more polished and what makes them better is the amazing camera work. Not just in the Ring, but even outside of it. The locker-room scene leading to the Final fight of the movie, leads you from the silence of the locker room to the noise of the Ring area. Splendid. It is more like moments before a sky diving scene, where you feel the rush. The camera makes you feel it.


Background Score is central to a movie like Rocky. Creed’s music doesn’t disappoint either. Pumped up energy filled workout sessions, Balboa being at his quirky witty self and the final ultimate fight scene, makes Creed an amazing movie to watch. Directed by Ryan Coogler, Creed is a good watch and makes me want to watch more from Ryan.


Unlike previous Rocky Movies, there are only a very few central characters. Apart from Sylvestor Stallone and Micahel C Jordan, only Tessa Thompson (who plays Creed’s love interest) has a bigger role. Jordan shines in his depiction of an angry kid who wants to make a name of his own and show that he’s worth something. Sly, obviously carries forward his own legacy.

What works in the Creed Movie:

When Franchisee movies lose steam, Rocky Series has only gained its tempo, much like this particular movie where it is difficult to point anything wrong.

It’s good to see nothing being overdone. Just the right amount of everything and you have Creed.

What doesn’t work in the Creed Movie:

Yes, iconic scenes which defined previous Rocky movies. Like scenes between Mickey (Rocky’s Trainer) and Rocky. Or even the one with his son in the movie prior to this. There are many such amazing scenes, but they go to that level and just doesn’t cross that threshold. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t doing anything wrong, but I guess perhaps those iconic scenes are so etched in minds that you seem to find them missing a note of two.

The movie is mostly about molding Creed’s personality into the Rocky shape, and the director does a pretty decent job of making the audience see it. It is like the relay torch has been passed on successfully to Creed from Rocky.

Ratings for Creed Movie:

I’m going with 4/5 for Rocky. An additional .5 for the amazing cinematography in the movie by Maryse Alberti. Don’t miss this movie. It definitely packs a punch. Even though it is not a Rocky Movie; in essence it is a Rocky Movie. And even if you haven’t seen the previous movies, you’ll still love it.